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The 6 Key Benefits of a Wardrobe Consultation

Wardrobe consultation

Do you ever look inside your closet and feel like you have “nothing to wear,” despite having rows of clothing hanging there?

This is such a common issue these days. People have access to a lot of cheap, “fast fashion,” they buy new clothing frequently, but they don’t necessarily look at how that clothing works with their wardrobe.

If you have that “so many clothes but nothing to wear” feeling, it might be time for a wardrobe consultation with an expert. Here are the key benefits of doing so:

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#1. Create the image you want to present

Despite what our ideals might be, it’s still a fact that people make snap judgements based on appearance. In a professional setting, especially where you’re hoping to close a deal or to line up for the next promotion, it’s important that you’re sending the right impression from the start.

A wardrobe consultant will help you to establish the image that you need to present and make recommendations for how to pull that look off. They may even help you to add some personality or flair to your wardrobe, items that keep you looking good but help you to stand out too.

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Wardrobe consultation

#2. Have a wardrobe you love to wear

There is absolutely no sense in having a stocked closet, but few pieces that you actually enjoy wearing. Wardrobe consultations are great for helping you to cull unnecessary clutter (let’s face it, if you bought that new shirt two years ago and haven’t worn it, you’re probably never going to!)

Did you know that on average, people do not wear at least fifty percent of their wardrobes? This represents a lot of clothing that might be better-loved elsewhere.

If you’re the sort of person who tends to wear the same few pieces repeatedly, a consultation with a stylist can help you to build a wardrobe of a few pieces that will work very well together. This saves on waste as well as clutter. Many people spend thousands of dollars on clothing they hardly wear, which does not make for a functional wardrobe.

A wardrobe consultant can help you to narrow down what you do and don’t need to buy. You can build a capsule of key pieces that are ideal to mix and match. A professional stylist is also adept at helping you to figure out what really suits you. A closet of clothing that fits well and is in colors that suit you makes it easy to choose your outfits.

#3. Know what to wear

Unless you’re someone who makes it your mission to stay on the sartorial edge of fashion, you may not have many ideas about what suits you and when to wear it. A professional consultant can help you to make plans for what to wear and when, based on what suits you.

Business casual? Regular, everyday professional wear? Special client or evening events? Outfits to travel in? Your wardrobe consultant will know how to mix and match the pieces of your closet to meet every occasion. This helps to take any frustration or guesswork out of preparing your outfits. It also helps to minimize any unnecessary purchases.

#4. Avoid the shopping task

There are many services popping up offering to “take the hassle out of shopping.” For people short on time, services such as online subscription boxes might seem appealing, but they all have a fairly big flaw – they’re not a truly personalized selection of clothing.

So, while you could use one of these services to avoid the task of shopping yourself, you’ll often end up disappointed by what arrives. You may even end up with just more things in your wardrobe that you don’t really wear.

A wardrobe consultation with a professional ensures that you’re getting a selection of items that are truly tailored to your body type and tastes. It’s like having a personal shopper – you consult with them, then they get busy coordinating wardrobe options for you. This can save you a lot of time and money as you only get exactly what you need.

#5. Make space

The Marie Kondo Netflix phenomenon epitomises the latest trends for scaling back – reducing clutter and taking a more minimalist approach. This is said to help with a range of issues, from mental health, to productivity, to better management of finances. For many people with a crowded closet, there’s a feeling of being overwhelmed – where do you start when there’s just so much stuff?

A wardrobe consultation helps you to pinpoint where to purge. You don’t want to go completely wild and get rid of things you might actually need later (seasonal items, for example), so a consultant can also help you figure out what’s worth keeping. They can work with you to suggest outfits and new pieces that go with key items you already own. This way, you can minimize expense too.

There are many benefits to making that space in your closet. You can be better-organized and more efficiently choose your outfits. There’s a lot to be said for the “mental space” it creates too. Clutter makes many people anxious, whether they realize it or not. There’s something stress-reducing about a nice, orderly closet, much the same as a tidy work desk.

Wardrobe consultation

#6. Works with your personal limitations

Many people struggle to make time to come into a store for a wardrobe consultation, but one service we provide here at Family Britches is consultation via Skype. This way we can work with you on your own timeline. We can still see exactly what you have in your closet and where there are any gaps. We can get a sense of your style goals and preferences and make recommendations about how to package those into a wardrobe.

If you are able to come into a store, we can book a time and place that suits your busy schedule. We understand that many people struggle to make time in their calendars!

Another benefit is that wardrobe consultants can work with limitations, such as anything you struggle with when it comes to getting dressed. There’s no sense in having clothing items just because they’re stylish – you need to be comfortable wearing them correctly too. A good stylist will include this information in their clothing selections so that you’re left with items you enjoy wearing.

Together, you and your wardrobe consultant can work within your desired budget too. Most people need just a few quality pieces in their wardrobe, not necessarily a large number of expensive items. Your consultant can show you how to make pieces work together so that you buy fewer items.

Get our quick tips for organizing your closet here

Final thoughts

Do you need to set up a wardrobe consultation? Here are a few key indicators that you might:

  • You have a closet full of clothing, but struggle to put together an outfit
  • Your spouse or partner frequently says something along the lines of “you’re not wearing THAT, are you?!”
  • You never seem to have the right outfit for the occasion
  • You end up buying a lot of clothing pieces, but hardly wear any of them
  • Your “good clothes” are old and don’t fit very well, or may be out of fashion
  • You feel it’s time to lift your image.

To schedule a wardrobe consultation with us, please fill out the form at this link.

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