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Tailored vs Made-to-Measure: Key Differences and Which to Choose

Professional tailor working with client to create a made-to-measure suit.

Clothing must be well-fitted to be both comfortable and functional in any setting. However, many people struggle to find the perfect attire off the rack. The two most common solutions are tailored or made-to-order clothing. but what is the difference? At Family Britches, we are experts at well-fitting clothing. We can help you determine the differences between tailored vs made-to-measure clothes and which is best for you.

What Is Tailoring and Tailored Clothes?

Tailoring is the art of personally fitting clothes to a person through an involved fitting process. Tailoring involves careful adjustments to existing clothing until it achieves your ideal fit.

Therefore, tailored clothing can begin as off-the-rack clothes or custom-made clothes that are then more precisely fit to you by a professional.

The process of tailoring requires an in-person appointment in which you put on the clothes and a tailor makes small adjustments. They mark and pin those adjustments so that the tailor or their sewing team can then alter the clothes to fit you better.

What Are Made-to-Measure Clothes?

Made-to-measure means that clothing is custom-made based on your measurements. Measurements include things like the length of your arm, the width of your shoulders, or the circumference of your hips. Made-to-measure clothes will automatically fit you better than clothes off the rack. If the measurements and the style are right, the clothes will look and feel tailored the first time you put them on.

You can commission custom clothes using the made-to-measure method with an in-person measurement. You can also have a friend help take your measurements and send them to a custom clothing brand online. This is why made-to-measure is the ideal way to get custom-fitted clothing in today’s eCommerce world.

The Essential Differences Between Tailored and Made-to-Measure Clothes

While both tailoring and made-to-measure clothes use measurements to perfect a style, the experience, options, and timeline are all profoundly different. The differences between tailored and made-to-measure clothes are more noteworthy than their similarities.

Original Fit

  • Tailored clothes often do not fit right, to begin with. If you want a tailored suit or dress, your tailor may recommend buying one size larger so that there’s always room for adjustments. 
  • Made-to-measure clothing always fits just right as soon as it is complete. This is because they use your measurements to create the clothing, so it will already fit both your height and shape with no need for adjustments.

In-Person vs Online Experience

  • Tailoring requires that you wear the clothes and stand still for a tailor to measure and mark how the clothes should be altered. Most tailor-made outfits take two or three in-person fittings before the fit is just right.
  • You can order made-to-measure clothing online if you already have your measurements. You can send your measurements to the manufacturer as part of your online order. Then simply wait for your outfit to arrive in the mail.

Ready Time

  • It takes several fittings to perfect a tailored outfit. You will need to plan at least a few extra weeks before your ensemble is ready. 
  • Made-to-measure clothes are ready to wear as soon as they arrive. This allows you to make plans for your perfectly fitting clothes without worrying about needing one more fitting appointment.

Which Is Best for You?

If you’re trying to decide between tailored or made-to-measure clothes, the choice is simple. If you need to adjust clothing you already own because it fits poorly or, perhaps, because your measurements have changed, a tailor offers the flexible and personalized service you need.

However, if you want to buy new clothing that fits right the first time to your current measurements, made-to-measure clothing is the best choice.

This way, you can keep your favorite clothing items fitting beautifully over the years and ensure new items fit from the moment they arrive.

Order Made-to-Measure Clothes With Family Britches

If you like clothing that fits just right the first time and don’t want to worry about in-person fittings, made-to-measure clothes are the ideal solution. You can find made-to-measure attire for the whole family with Family Britches. Simply choose pieces that you find stylish or flattering and include your measurements along with the order. Our expert team will craft clothing that perfectly suits your proportions. Made-to-measure can solve lifelong problems with off-the-rack clothing without the need to visit a tailor after your clothing arrives. These include sleeve cuffs too long, pant cuffs too short, collars too tight, or waistbands, too high with ease.

Discover perfectly fitting made-to-measure attire at Family Britches.

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