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Here’s What Your Belt Says About You

Man correcting his belt.

Your belt may appear as an ordinary accessory meant to put your pants in place, but it can tell a lot about you. This humble and practical accessory comes in different shapes, colors, designs, and materials. Whatever combination you pick can say a lot about their personality. So, what does your choice of belt say about you? Let’s explore. 

Keeping It Simple Doesn’t Mean You’re Boring

When we talk about a simple belt, we mean a plain black leather belt. It’s assumed that black leather belts are meant for formal attire since they go well with a black tie and suit. However, they can still work with other outfits if you’re creative enough. It’s the most versatile and easy to match with any outfit, whether it’s shorts, denim jeans, or tailoring, thanks to its minimalist design. It usually maintains a simple buckle without extraneous detailing. However, it works best when worn with sharply cut trousers or tailoring, which reinforces a down-to-earth, reliable, and stoic character. 

A Brown Suede Belt Shows You’re an Individualist 

Brown suede belts are not easy to find like plain black leather. However, they’re the ideal alternative if you prefer leather belts. They’re usually a trendy way to show a real edge about you by buckling up enough formality while staying on the sophisticated side. Simply put, it is built for mavericks, who don’t play by the strict fashion rules. 

To get the most out of your suede belt, look for one with a muted shade. This includes brown, light grey, or stone. Pair it with an outfit with a similar color. With its unique texture and tactility, this will give a more individualist look, especially if you match it with similarly textured fabrics like herringbone wool, brushed cotton, suede shoes, or corduroy. 

Wearing a Woven Belt Makes It Feels as if You’re Trying a Little Bit Hard 

Wearing a woven belt can be tricky unless you match it with the right outfit. This includes linen shirts, loose-fitting chinos, or Clubmasters. It’s a rare gem, only reserved for the wealthy. So, when pulling a woven belt, you better do it right, or else it will feel as if you’re trying too hard to match the lifestyle of the rich. The perfect way to do it is by wearing it with more laidback garments, like chinos. 

Pairing it with your chinos would transition effortlessly from a casual to a smart-casual look, especially during summer, when every wear is lightweight. Make sure you tuck down your button-down shirt, and it’s slimmer than an ordinary belt. This adds a subtle touch of style without appearing as if you’re extravagant. 

A Western Style-Buckled Belt May Send Out Mixed Signals

The cowboy/cowgirl buckle belt often displays images of rodeos and everything else to do with the Wild West era. Though it may feel outdated, it’s a perfect accessory to express any statement about yourself, from your faith, love of nature, and love for fishing and hunting. However, it all depends on the type of image or symbol that’s engraved on your belt. It can be your favorite hobby, pickup truck, state, or any other aspect related to the great outdoors. 

But there’s one thing you need to know. You must be selective with your attire before going all “yee-haw”. Western style-buckled belts only work well with a flannel shirt or blue jeans. Anything else, it is a resounding NO. 

Canvas Belts Indicate You’re Strong and Mysterious

 Canvas belts are arguably the most versatile belts you can wear. It’s simple and sleek and comes with endless colors, designs, patterns, and buckle variations. They’re also cheaper than leather and all other options discussed above, meaning you can have as many options in your closet as possible. However, if you want to showcase yourself as a strong and mysterious person, a neutral-colored canvas can be worn in business and casual situations. It’s not traditional or boring, though, so you never know where it’s doing or going – just like the personality you intend to showcase. 

A Rope Belt Portrays You’re Free and Adventurous 

Do you like climbing, hiking, exploring abandoned places, or engaging in other outdoor activities? You should consider yourself free and adventurous. It also means that you’re not a super formal but casual, easygoing type. If you’re looking for a belt that suits this kind of lifestyle, then a rope belt is the perfect fit for you. It comes with different patterns and colors to showcase different personalities as you keep on climbing, exploring, or adventuring. 

Get Your Perfect Belt at Family Britches 

Now that you know what your choice of belt says about you, we bet that you’ll pick one that perfectly speaks about you. Just remember that it’s important that your belt should match your shoes. Here at Family Britches, we offer a wide range of belt options to suit your needs and expectations.

If you need help determining which belt matches your attire, don’t fret! With our custom-tailored clothing and personal virtual stylist, we can take out your frustration and guesswork and ensure you get a perfect choice. Contact us today or visit any of our two stores in New Canaan, CT, or Chappaqua, NY, to learn more. 

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