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Start Wearing Shorts Like An Adult

Fashionable man wearing shorts with proper fit and style

Designer clothing for men conjures images of tailored suits, high end dress shirts, and the related realm of sharply worn bespoke clothing. Men of varying shapes and sizes need clothing that doesn’t hide the body but accentuates it.

But in summer, when it’s hot and you need to look fashionable without having a heatstroke, a suit may not be the best move.  That’s where designer shorts for men come into play.

However, there need to be some laws laid down in the world of men’s shorts. The average height of men in the United States is 5 feet 7 inches, but regardless of height, there are lines that can no longer be crossed when the sun shines and your legs emerge from thigh-bernation.

So doff your suit and liberate your legs, for shorts have grown up!  And now you must grow up with them. Pay heed and put the child behind you. Here’s the short list.

No more gym shorts, old sport

Gym shorts are passable in three places: the gym, the athletic field, and the garbage. Gone are the days of rocking Nike athletic shorts in public like a sophomore in high school. Yes, they have their place and that place is not brunch. If you’re not doing something athletic or hanging out at home, gym shorts remain hidden.

Show some leg

Once upon a time, shorts below the knee were a popular thing. Even worse, they had 12-odd pockets for you to store all your things. The cargo embargo is a real thing. Front pockets and back pockets, that’s the first formula. The second one is tearing a page out of Magnum PI’s book; show some thigh. Now you don’t have to be as gaudy as him, but a good rule to follow is that shorts go no further than just above the knee. Also, we wish we didn’t have to say this, but no pleats. Ever.

Get a little weird

Every man should have a few pairs of standard, conservatively colored shorts — navy, khaki, and grey being the normal staples. Beyond that, experiment with materials, colors, and patterns. Why not Oxford, chambray, or Madras? Should you have shorts adorned with embroidered pina coladas or palm trees? You’ll never know until you give it a go.

Designer clothing doesn’t stop at suits. Bespoke formalwear merely sets the tone and care that should be taken at every level of apparel; no one expects you to wear a wool suit in August. That said, you mature with your clothing and shorts are tough threads to master. Take up the challenge one leg at a time.

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