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Six Fall Fashions That Look Good In-Person and Over Video

Six Fall Fashions That Look Good In-Person and Over Video

The transition from summer to cooler fall and winter weather must be coupled with various outfit changes. Generally, fall fashions are the most crucial this time of the year, making it a veritable fashion playground to combine different pieces from various seasons into your wardrobe. Fashion might not work for everyone, but do not worry since the simplest fashion outfit idea is incorporating most of the summer’s greatest hits into your fall collection.

Fall is usually associated with warm colors, colder temperatures, and an entirely confusing wardrobe. You might often go too hot in warm and heavy coats or too cold in short sleeves. Therefore, it is wise to invest in solid fall outfits rather than sweating in your winter clothes or freezing in summer clothes during fall. 

Family Britches focuses on the consumer experience by bringing a personal touch through individual consultations and custom-made outfits. During this fall, we aim to offer our clients the best professional outfits that can work both for in-person and on-video jobs. Read on to have a fashion idea of what we have in store for you this season.

In-Person Office Outfit Ideas for Fall Fashions

In-person work means you will be out there experiencing the weather as it comes. Therefore, there is a need to take note of certain factors, such as the unpredictable fall weather dynamics. Family Britches factors this out, and the outfit ideas highlighted below are a mixture of professional thoughts from our experienced personnel. 

1. Layering Is Vital

Fall usually has a combination of cool and warm weather. Cooler weather implies wearing coats, jackets, and sweaters, while warmer weather requires wearing thin layers. For clients to tackle the weather dynamics during fall, layering will be ideal since it makes it easy to beat the unpredictable fall weather.

You can consider wearing several thin layers rather than one thick coat. Doing this will enhance your manly looks rather than making you look like a bundle. A more stylish approach can be taken for your layering strategy by focusing on a maximum of three layers. Some of the pieces that can be used to layer your office look include:

  • Work shirts and button-down shirts for both men and females
  • Dress shirts for females
  • Vests and waistcoats for females
  • Long-sleeve t-shirts
  • Sweaters and cardigans
  • Henleys
  • Scarves

2. Textured Fabrics

Textured fabrics are also a good idea for Fall in-office outfits. They will help in keeping your look exciting and easy on the eyes. Solid colors always look perfect on textured fabrics, specifically for corduroy, tweed, and woolen knits, to give a nice and autumnal feel. This fashion look is a bonus since most textured fabrics will keep you warm on cool days without having to throw on an overcoat. 

 3. Opt for Woolen Slacks Over Cotton

This fall’s significant challenge might be how to warm your legs while going to the office. However, the ideal way to keep your lower body comfortable and warm during this season is to consider wool slacks. These slacks hold heat, and their stouter weaves act as sweaters for your legs. They also have a range of muted dark colors and textured weaves, making them the perfect natural fall outfit for an office look. 

Remote Work Outfit Ideas for Fall Fashions

Working from home calls for a trendy and comfy outfit look. Some of the ideas to incorporate during this fall that will look perfect on you while working on the video are as follows:

4. Breaking the Heavy-Duty Underclothes

A pair of light, breathable wool slacks, over insulated long johns, can work well this fall. Such pants can keep you warm at home from the outer wool layer and the insulating underlayer. 

5. Consider Warm Earthy Fall Color Palettes

During fall, leaves will change colors, and it is only wise for your wardrobe to change colors. The fall season brings a touch of muted and solid colors. You can consider dark shades of green, orange, or any simple solid color scheme. Vary the colors while wearing three to four color pieces that overlap to establish a significant pattern. 

6.  Knitwear

For the knitwear, ensure they are well-fitting and not baggy; thin and smooth knits are also ideal for layering. Since you will be working on the video, you do not want to feel so official since you are at home. Therefore a lightweight sweater can give a more casual-official look. A thick cardigan will be the best choice for colder temperatures. Some men’s knitwear options include sweaters, mock button necks, sweater vests, and half-zip mock necks. 

What Might Work Both for In-Person and Remote Work

Given the variety of options for in-person and on-video work outfits, some of the outfits that can work well for both situations include; the knitwear option, the warm earthy color palette option, layering, and the textured fabric option. 

Book an Appointment and Shop Fall Fashions With Us

Family Britches offers perfect custom-fit outfits with personal virtual styling consultation services for convenience. We serve customers in our Chappaqua, NY, and New Canaan, CT stores, but open to working with customers from different geographical locations through our virtual styling services.

We are committed to giving you the perfect fall office look this season; therefore, feel free to contact us for the best deals. 

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