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Men’s Style and Fitting Tips on How to Dress Your Body Type


When buying clothes, body type is one of the most overlooked factors by both genders. This is why the clothes you bought on a mannequin do not fit exactly as you pictured. Generally, everyone’s body shape is different. By understanding your body type, you can easily highlight your best features by investing in the right clothes while hiding features you are least confident about. This article highlights the five most common body types in men and how to dress them appropriately. 

The 5 Different Male Body Types

Research reveals that there are only five male body types based on the shape of the torso and the ratio of the hips to the shoulders to the waist. These body types include:

1. Rectangle

A rectangular male body shape is when your shoulder, hips, and waist have a similar width measurement. Men with this body type usually have tall but thin frames. Thus, if you have this body shape, you should aim to broaden your shoulders while creating an illusion of a narrower waist to give you that athletic look. Below are some suggestions on what to wear if you have a rectangular body shape:

-Wear structured blazers and jackets

-Play around with patterns, prints, and color blocks to add dimensions to your thin frame.

-Avoid vertical stripes, as they may exaggerate your shape.

-Stay away from slim-fit trousers and trousers with high waistlines since they will make your legs look longer.

2. Triangle

If you are larger around your hips and waist than your upper body, you fit in the triangle body shape, commonly known as the ‘dad bod.’ Thus, it is best to accentuate your upper body by broadening your shoulders and narrowing down the lower upper half. You can do this by: 

-Wearing more structured clothing to broaden your shoulders.

-Opt for more dark-colored clothing with minimal prints and patterns.

-Single-breasted suits aid in giving you a slimmer and more relaxed fitting.

-Wearing vertical stripes for a more streamlined appearance that slims down your upper torso while also elongating it.

-Choose clothes with bright color panels, detailing, and patterns that run across the chest to give your shoulders a broader look.

-Avoid skinny fits, busy prints, brighter colors, roll necks, and fitted polo shirts, as they will make your shoulders look smaller and widen your waist.

-Stay away from belts with fancy detailing, as it brings attention to the roundness of your waist.

3. Oval

An oval body shape is the easiest to notice as it is when the midsection is wider than the hips and shoulders. These men usually have shorter arms and legs, increasing their midsection width. Luckily, it is also as easy to dress this body shape. All you have to do is select clothes that give you a slimmer and more structured appearance. Here are some tips on how to dress the oval body shape.

-Widen your shoulders by wearing structured jackets and blazers.

-Choose dark solid colors and fabrics with small patterns and vertical stripes.

-Avoid any horizontal patterns and stripes.

-Wear slightly tapered clothing and single-breasted suits, as they will give you a slimmer and elongated look.

-Go for slightly fitted pants, but not too tight. Ensure they leave some drape room around your waist.

-Stay away from oversized clothes and bulky sweaters, as they will make you look chunkier.

4. Trapezoid

A trapezoid shape refers to a man with a proportional ratio of their shoulders to hips to the waist. This is usually the average build that many designers use to make their designs. As a result, men with this body shape can buy clothes off the rack, and they will fit perfectly, with minor alterations. Nonetheless, below are some tips for dressing a trapezoid male body shape:

-Showcase your athletic build with slim-fitted clothes.

-Experiment with various patterns, colors, cuts, and styles. But stick to dark-colored pants to keep your body looking proportional.

-Horizontal stripes help widen your chest, while vertical stripes give you a longer look.

-Choose distinct detailing, patterns, and accessories to set you apart from the crowd. Perhaps a good watch, shoes, or colored pocket square.

5. Inverted Triangle

You likely have an inverted triangle body shape if you have broader shoulders and chest than your waist and hips. Although you have excellent muscle definition, owing to the many hours spent in the gym, it can be challenging to find good-fitting clothes. Luckily, here are some tips to help you out:

-Go for horizontal stripes to make your torso broader and match your shoulders.

-Show off your fit body by wearing slim-fit shirts and jackets. But they must be a size up to accentuate your physique further.

-Wear straight-leg pants to flatter your legs and balance out your look.

-Avoid patterns and prints around your shoulders and scoop necklines, as they will make your body look disproportional.

-Stay away from structured tailoring and wide lapels, which will make your body look heavier.

Where to Get the Right Clothes for Your Body Type

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