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If Clothes Could Talk: What Your Suit Actually Says About You

Meaning of suit colors: black, blue, navy, gray

According to a 2016 study, American men over the age of 18 spent $85 per month on menswear, like designer suits, dress trousers, and button-down shirts.

But even if you’ve spent a pretty penny on your men’s professional attire, do you really know what those clothes are communicating to potential employers, friends, or dates?

Whether you wear only the finest men’s suits or you’d rather get everything second-hand, here’s what your dress clothing might be saying about you:

Navy and Grey Suits: Dependable and Honest

A plain navy or grey suit will never be the most exciting in a given room, but they are timeless and definitely has a time and place. If you want your tailored clothing to make you look reliable and trustworthy, this can be a great way to go. To keep it from looking too boring, don’t be afraid of a pop of color or a textured weave in the fabric.

Black Suit: Classic and Formal

When you wear a black suit, you may give off James Bond vibes… or make people ask if you’re going to a funeral. You’ll want to look more debonair than dour, so don’t go too traditional here.

Three-Piece or Double Breasted Suits: Detail-Oriented and Driven

A three-piece (coat,vest and pant) or Double Breasted tailored suit shows everyone that you really have your life together. Even though getting dressed in the morning doesn’t necessarily take more effort, it does illustrate that you care about how you’re perceived and that you pay attention to the little details. And when you put as much intention into your clothing as you do your life responsibilities, there’ll be no stopping you in the professional or personal realm.

Unique Color an/or Patterned Suit: Creative and Daring

Like your tailored clothing with a bit of a twist? There’s nothing wrong with showcasing your unique personal style. A suit, shirt, or tie with a pattern can be be a great addition to your wardrobe and can communicate your creativity in an instant. When you dare to be different, you’ll appeal to those who like thinking outside the box. Just make sure you showcase the coordinating ensemble, rather than having every part of your suit be a competing statement.

Made to Measure Suit: Confident and Successful

No matter what color or pattern you personally like, tailored clothing shows that you want to be taken seriously and that you have the means to get the job done. A study conducted by Psychology Today found that in just three seconds, participants rated men wearing made-to-measure suits as more successful and more confident than those wearing something off the rack. So if you really want to get that promotion or that second date, make sure you’re wearing tailored clothing.

Ill-Fitting Suit: Messy and Unsuccessful

While well-tailored clothing will make you look attractive and successful, the opposite holds true for a suit that doesn’t fit you well. Unfortunately, we’re all prone to making quick judgments based on appearance. A suit that’s too big, too small, or fits strangely will make a poor first impression. Unless you want others to think you’re sloppy, unintelligent, or apathetic, steer clear of a suit that doesn’t fit you well.

Neckwear: To Tie or Knot?

The choice of neckwear might depend on the environment or event or your personal style. A tie is like a piece of jewelry for a woman. It adds a pop of a coordinated accessory.  However, a patterned shirt without a tie can be equally effective, if it is carefully coordinated.

Now that you know what a suit might say about you, take a look at what’s currently in your closet. Does your clothing communicate what you want to tell the world? If not, a men’s personal stylist can make sure your clothing serves your best interests.

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