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Dressing For Success: How Custom Clothing Can Help You Make a Better First Impression

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Whether you’re entering the professional workforce for the first time or you have years of experience under your belt, the business case for making a great first impression always applies. Studies have found that first impressions are formed within seven to 17 seconds of meeting you — and 55% of their opinion comes down to your physical appearance.

Custom tailored clothing can help ensure that every first impression you give is an overwhelmingly positive one. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why this is so.

When your clothes fit well, you exude confidence

Every professional wants to give off an air of confidence. It’s an attractive quality that typically results in higher levels of likability and respect from others. But if you buy something off the rack, chances are that it’s not going to fit your proportions exactly. Sleeves or pant legs might be too long or too short, while a jacket might be too snug or too roomy.

Made to measure clothing, on the other hand, is literally customized just for your body. It makes you look your best, which in turn will help you feel your best. Wearing a dress shirt or suit jacket that doesn’t have the right fit will make you feel self-conscious or distracted. But custom tailored clothing will allow you to look and feel more confident.

Having great style means you’re more detail-oriented

In many professional positions, your superiors will value new hires who have an eye for detail. High quality mens suits are perfectly on-trend without being flashy or boring. By paying more attention to how your clothing looks and the message it sends to others, you’re showing that you’re observant in all areas of your life.

Whether you’re interviewing for a job, meeting with an important client, or are networking with other businesses, those you speak to want to work with someone who will not only talk the talk but who can walk the walk, too. It’s one thing to talk about how detail-oriented you are; if you can show it as well, that’s all the better.

Being put-together shows you care

Ultimately, someone who dresses sloppily gives off the impression that they simply don’t care very much about how they’re perceived. This might not always be the reality, but that’s certainly what most people will see. In both work and social situations, those you come in contact with want to know that you care enough to put the work in. And if you’re able to show that you’re passionate and have a strong work ethic within the first few seconds of meeting with someone, why wouldn’t you do so?

By wearing custom tailored clothing, you’ll also instantly convey the idea that you’d be an excellent visual representation of a company or client. If you’re up against someone who shows up in jeans and you have the exact same qualifications, it’s more than likely that they’re going to choose the person who puts more effort into their appearance.


Your wardrobe is an investment in how people perceive you and, ultimately, your success. When you have custom tailored clothing options ready at your disposal, you’ll be sure to nail that first impression. To find out more about our high quality menswear and how our made-to-measure services can help you achieve your goals, contact Family Britches today.

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