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Understanding Quality: What Sets Family Britches Apart in the Fashion Industry

When you are looking to add something new to your wardrobe, Family Britches has been the top choice of generations of families for the past 50 years. Our premier clothing store has all sorts of high-quality attire for men and women, including shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, outerwear, dresses, pants, and ensembles.

The variety offered in our clothing store saves you time, as you find everything you want under the same roof — no hopping from one store to another. Apart from the diverse array of attire we have in store, Family Britches stands out in the US fashion industry for the following reasons.

1. Your Own Personal Virtual Stylist

At Family Britches, we don’t just sell attire. We help you choose outfits that complement your style in the best way possible. Thanks to our in-house team of personal virtual stylists, they offer outfit suggestions that fit your body type and sense of fashion.

With the guidance of stylists, you eliminate instances of purchasing clothes that do not complement the rest of the wardrobe. Moreover, our personal stylists help you discover new fashion trends so that you look and feel your best in every situation.

2. Custom Tailoring On Site

Unlike the clothes stores that sell off-the-rack clothes, Family Britches has in-house tailors who help us offer made-to-fit attire. These skilled artisans ensure they tailor each garment you buy from us to your precise measurements. Alterations are complementary.

With our custom tailoring, our garments give you a fit that is both comfortable and flattering. The flawlessly fitting clothes from our store eliminate common discomforts like tightness, looseness, and awkward proportions often associated with off-the-rack clothing.

3. Over Half a Century In Business

We are not a new entrant in America’s fashion industry. We have been around for over 50 years, a testament to our quality service. Less reputable clothing stores can hardly survive the competition for such a long period.

With our longstanding presence, we have developed quality relationships with various designers who supply us with quality every time. Moreover, our decades-long experience has given us a deep understanding of fashion trends, which is why we are always ahead of the competition.

4. Apparel of the Highest Quality

At Family Britches, quality comes first. We put our best effort into ensuring that the attire you buy not only looks in style but also stands the test of time. Not surprisingly, we stock clothes made from high-quality fabrics, have well-finished seams, and have precise stitches.

The high-quality clothes from our store, Family Britches, will maintain their appeal through many wears and washes. The attire will not tear up after a few wears, lose shape due to shrinkage, or fade quickly after a couple of washes.

5. Clothing Sourced From the World’s Leading Brands

Family Britches understands that customers have varying tastes in brands. We source our clothes from various top mens clothing brands around the world, including Canali, Samuelsohn, Jack Victor, Meyer, Ballin, Brax, Teleria, Eton, Stenstrom, and David Donahue.

Stocking our shelves with clothes from multiple brands ensures that you have access to a wide range of styles, fabrics, and fits. Furthermore, the variety allows you to add different brands’ unique styles to your wardrobe, making it more versatile.

6. Professional Team of Experienced Clothing Experts

Family Britches boasts some of the most professional sales associates in the industry. The highly knowledgeable representatives offer personalized assistance so you find the perfect clothing to match your unique style.

It’s no wonder we have nearly a perfect customer rating on various review platforms. Most customers rank us highly for our exceptional customer care, superior clothing, and personalized service.

7. Options to Suit all Tastes

Family Britches offers a range of options to suit every budget and style preference, whether you’re seeking affordable everyday wear, mid-range attire that balances quality and cost, or premium fashion crafted from the finest materials.

The diversity in pricing enables you to find stylish, high-quality clothing that fits your financial needs. In our store, you will never miss something that complements your sense of fashion, even when you are on a tight budget.

Complement Your Fashion With High-Quality Attire From Family Britches

We know that when doing fashion shopping, you require a store that offers a wide variety of clothes at different price points, knowledgeable and friendly sales representatives, and premium quality attire.

At the Family Britches, we offer just that. We stock a wide selection of clothes from popular manufacturers around the world. Moreover, we provide personalized support, making sure you choose the right clothes every time.

Contact us or browse the fashion wear in our store to see what we have for you.

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