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7 Best Fabrics for Your Summer Wear

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Summer’s warm temperatures and extended daylight hours make it a great season for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, hiking, and biking. However, to hit the outdoors with style, you need one crucial thing—light, moisture, and wicking clothes. The clothes pull sweat away from your body to keep you comfortable during summer’s warm temperatures. Since not every light cloth is comfortable, Family Britches has suggested top summer fabrics that won’t pick up sweat stains so you can make the right decision. 

1. Linen

Linen is one of the best fabrics for summer. The fabric’s natural fibers have an open structure that allows air to flow through easily. This breathability allows heat and sweat to escape, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Apart from the enhanced breathability, linen fibers are excellent at preventing dirt and stains. With summer wear made from linen, you will worry less about visible stains from sweat, food, or outdoor elements.

2. Cotton

Like linen, cotton stands out among the best fabrics for summer for one reason- exceptional breathability. Cotton fibers have a network of tiny gaps that cool you down by allowing air to circulate freely into and out of your body.

Besides breathability, cotton draws moisture away from the skin, helping regulate body temperature and prevent the sticky sensation from sweating. The sweat absorbed by cotton evaporates away quickly, minimizing the appearance of stain marks.

3. Silk

Silk has plenty of pores that allow heat and moisture to escape from the skin during summer’s warm weather. The lightweight nature provides a comfortable and airy feel against the skin, further keeping you cool and comfortable.

Unlike cotton and linen, silk’s dense and smooth fibers may not absorb sweat effectively and can show sweat stains. For this reason, go for those lined with moisture-wicking fabrics when looking for the right silk garments.

You should also pick darker colors like blue, black, charcoal, and dark brown to conceal sweat marks.

4. Chambray

Chambray fabric resembles denim in appearance but is lighter and more breathable. It is commonly used to make casual and stylish summer attire, such as shirts, dresses, shorts, and lightweight jackets.

Although chambray resembles denim in appearance, it is highly breathable. Its simple weave lets air move through easily, keeping you cool in hot weather. Chambray’s cotton composition and woven texture absorb moisture, and its darker colors conceal those unsightly sweat stains.

5. Jersey

The jersey fabric for summer attire is made from a combination of cotton and other fabrics, like polyester. Just like many summer fabrics, the jersey boasts excellent breathability since its knit construction has tiny loops and spaces.

Besides the excellent breathability, the jersey fabric is light and stretchy, enhancing your comfort further.

6. Merino Wool

Wool, especially merino wool, is not a preserve for making warm clothing for winter. Rather, the fabric is also ideal for making various types of summer wear, some of which include T-shirts, lightweight sweaters, and tank tops.

As a summer fabric, merino wool’s fibers allow air to circulate in and out of the skin keeping you cool. Moreover, merino wool draws moisture from your skin and lets it evaporate without leaving sweat marks. 

With this natural moisture-wicking capability, summer attire made from merino wool will keep you dry in the warm climate.

7. Chiffon

Chiffon is another great fabric for making various types of summer wear, including blouses, dresses, and scarves. Typically, the chiffon material stands out for its lightweight which gives a comfortable and airy feel.

Besides the lightweight, Chiffon is loosely woven to create small gaps that allow air to circulate freely through the fabric. For this reason, wearing chiffon summer clothes will keep you cool in summer’s hot and humid conditions.

Apart from breathability, chiffon can absorb a good amount of sweat to keep you dry. On the downside, light-colored chiffon outfits might show sweat stains. Given that, it matters to buy dark-colored chiffon clothes so sweat stains won’t be visible.

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