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5 Steps to Know When Investing in Made to Measure Clothing

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In recent years, leisure clothing in the workplace has become more and more commonplace. Even though workers and managers are admitting to wearing casual business wear to work, there is still a benefit of having a few pieces of custom tailored clothing in your closet to rely upon for special occasions. After all, your wardrobe is an investment!

However, for some newbies, the world of premium mens suits can be quite daunting. No need to worry — here we have created a guide that goes over everything a man should know when it comes to made to measure clothing.

Step one: Decide what kind of suit you need

There are plenty of factors that go into choosing the right suit. Some questions to consider include:

  • What is the purpose of the suit?
  • What season will you be wearing it in?
  • Have you ever had a bespoke suit before?

Be as upfront as possible with your sales associate and tailor in order to get the best suit for the occasion.

Step two: Choose the material

While this may be dependent on the purpose of the suit, there are different materials you may have to sift through. They include:

  • Worsted wool: the most popular material used for suits, as it is incredibly versatile, durable and comfortable in any climate.
  • Flannel: incredibly soft, and looks similar to herringbone and tweed.
  • Super 100’s, 110’s and 120’s: a soft, lightweight wool.

Step three: Do you want a two or three piece?

Two piece suits are less formal, as they come with just pants and a matching jacket. Three piece suits have a matching vest and are more stylish and versatile, as you can simply opt out of wearing the vest when you choose.

Step four: Don’t forget the shirt

When wearing a properly made suit jacket, about two centimeters of the shirt collar should be revealed by the jacket collar.  Additionally, the collar style should compliment the shape of your face.

Don’t forget these important details as they will add to the entire outfit!

Step five: Expect to come back

Depending on your needs, you should come to expect a second fitting for your suit. To get made to measure clothing perfect, it is crucial to be patient with your tailor. And when you do return, make sure to wear the shoes and shirt you are planning on wearing, so you can envision the entire outfit as a whole.

So go ahead and call your tailor now! With these tips in mind you are on your way to creating beautifully made to measure clothing for your wardrobe.

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