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How to Curate a Wardrobe for Yourself (Without Getting Bored)

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Any man commanding their industry knows that looking sharp is the first rule of closing any deal. A crucial part of this is dressing well and having a great first impression. But you don’t want to spend 30 minutes deciding what to wear each business morning. So, how do you ensure that you dress well each day without taking too much time? It’s easy. You need to curate a wardrobe for yourself. 

A personal wardrobe is a set of clothes you love wearing daily, are comfortable in, and show your peculiar style. Does this mean wearing the same thing every day? Not exactly. While you could follow Steve Jobs’ example by always dressing exactly the same, there is room for creativity.  

Wondering about how to curate a wardrobe for yourself without getting bored? Below are five style tips to get you started. 

Know Thyself

As a man, knowing your style is the first rule of dressing well. This means knowing the clothes you feel genuinely comfortable in. You should ooze some level of self-confidence that comes from your clothes being a second skin rather than a costume.   

Improve Your Color Scheme

A white or blue dress shirt paired with khaki trousers is the safest and most common choice for most “corporate drones”. But, if you are reading this, you want to look different. This starts with indulging in a bit of color. 

Rather than going for all whites and the various shades of blue that 95% of men feel are safe options, try pastel colors in pink, lavender, tan, ecru, and yellow. These light fabrics easily match numerous types of trousers and swiftly highlight your uniqueness in any crowd.  

For trousers, olive, dark khakis, stone and blue, or even summer white cotton are great alternatives for light khakis. If your workplace permits, you could also try dark jeans–in sharp, deep indigo.     

Get the Right Fit

Most men actually fail to look “sharp”. Not because they wore clothes of the wrong style or color but because they did not choose the right fit. However, it is easy and quite cheap to fix this often-overlooked aspect. 

You want clothes that have a defined shape as they drape over your frame, no matter how big or small your body size. Your trousers should rest just slightly above your shoes, and the waistband should wrap comfortably around your natural waistline, just above your hips. 

Your shirts and jackets should start at your shoulder’s end and extend to cover your wrist bone when hanging your arm in a standing posture. However, the jacket should be half an inch shorter to keep the shirt sleeve visible. 

Getting a proper fit does not mean wearing tight clothes that appear awkward and uncomfortable. Your tailor can help you make custom adjustments. However, when buying shirts, go for those that fit instantly at the shoulders to avoid incurring more costs when making adjustments.   

Know What to Look For in Quality Clothing 

While there are many bargains out there, especially when it comes to price, you don’t want to report to work every day looking like you just time-traveled from 1976. This is why you need to be wary of artificial fibers like rayon or polyester, as they leave clothes with a slick, plastic look over time. However, when blended properly, man-made fiber help to make garments more resistant to stains and wrinkles. 

You also need to know the natural feel of the fabric you prefer. If you can, try the clothes on and observe how the fabric behaves in the areas not fitted around your body. Those that are billowy and loose tend to appear saggy and tear easily. 

Buttons and fasteners are also great indicators of quality clothing. Choose clothes with tightly stitched buttons and 12+ stitch lines per inch. Such clothes will still look great even six months after you buy them, giving you time to really become comfortable and confident wearing them.  

Accessorize Like a Boss 

A neck tie, pocket square, and watch, among other accessories, can help to accentuate your individuality, but you should use them carefully. A great practice for pocket squares and ties is to harmonize them with your clothes, using one or two colors. 

A watch is more than just an accessory; it also acts as a status symbol. An aesthetic, functional, rugged sports model is very manly and great with any style you opt for. Ensure that it fits properly and feels comfy around your wrist.  

Discover Your Personal Style Today!

If you want to emulate some of the world’s most successful men, having a personal wardrobe is a great place to start. It eliminates clutter, keeps you looking sharp, and represents your unique style. 

The clothing experts at Family Britches can help you discover your masculine style and even help you pick out a couple of clothes that align with it. Contact us or visit our store at Chappaqua, NY to browse our stylish and practical catalog. 

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