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6 Equivalents to the Classic Office Cardigan That You Can Leave at Your Desk

A woman wearing an office cardigan sitting in front of a laptop.

The freezing workplace is a widespread problem that employees lament worldwide. This is so because offices typically have substantially lower temperatures than outside, especially at the start of fall. In other words, while the sun is shining brightly outside, offices everywhere seem to turn into cold wastelands. It leaves workers shivering at their workstations and longing for the comfort of several garments. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of six suggestions for standard office cardigans, each intended to offer warmth and flair in the chilly office. With these versatile options, you can stay cozy and chic while enduring the cold conditions of the contemporary office, since you can leave them at your desk.

An Extra-Long Duster Cardigan

Easy and elegant, Dusters dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Men and women typically wore them to protect their regular clothes from dust. Today, however, they are worn as oversized, comfortable cardigans and maxi jackets.

Duster cardigans with extra length are office-appropriate, especially in a freezing workplace. It helps keep your legs warm when you inevitably forget how cold the office is and try to wear a dress. Despite their simplicity, these outfits appear quite stylish, particularly if you pair them with straight black slacks, a light white shirt, patterned heels, and a neutral tote.

Consider a cardigan in a neutral, solid color for this option. It is one way to make the most of your office’s mix-and-match opportunities while ensuring that you are comfortable and effective. With an extra-long duster cardigan, your knees can have an additional fabric cover. They also have perfectly lengthened sleeves that can add a beautiful finishing touch to your outfit.

Cashmere Quarter Zip

If the office’s heat isn’t doing the trick or the air conditioning is too chilly, a cashmere quarter zip is the perfect solution. Although it is lightweight and sufficiently loose to slide over anything you would like to wear, it is smooth. In addition, this high-end sweater is made for layering; wear it over any outfit, and you’ll still look elegant. Kinross Men’s quarter zip and Kinross Women’s sweaters are perfect examples of these classic office cardigans.

Men’s cashmere quarter zip is trendy, warm, and luxuriously blended cashmere and wool. No matter the season, you can count on this timeless workplace cardigan to keep you warm. You should keep a black cashmere quarter zip in your office, which works with practically anything.

Cocoon Cardigan

The cocoon cardigan is one of the most popular sweaters at your desk to keep you warm when it’s chilly at work. Most of these cardigans are made of really soft linen that is not rough. It is long and looks great with jeans, leggings, and fitting Capri pants. You can feel comfortable and fashionable if you choose one made of pure cashmere and lightweight.

Blazer or Structured Jacket

In the fall, blazers and structured jackets are great alternatives to the usual office cardigans. Women’s ideal choice is a long plaid blazer with vintage jeans, tall socks, and a long-sleeved casual blazer. For men, however, there are blazers, business casual jackets, and sports coats.

Whether you want a classic black blazer or a plaid one, all of these selections are ideal and can be placed at your office desk. Sweater jackets are a fantastic substitute for blazers as they may give off a more casual vibe while still looking polished.

Shawl Collar Sweater

The shawl collar sweater is a sleek and cozy option that resembles a cardigan but has a more refined look. Shawl necks are a stunning, unique sweater design intended to cross between a pullover and a sports jacket. Compared to turtlenecks, they offer a more versatile fit that is loose and casual and can be left at your desk and put on as needed.

Wearing a shawl neck under a sharp shirt and tie shows that you are willing to stray from the typical suit jacket look while still acting professionally.


These also provide a stylish and practical alternative to the classic office cardigans. Choosing brands like Waterville and Peter Millar not only exemplifies stylish and useful office outfit alternatives. Waterville and Peter Millar vests offer not only unique, inspired designs but also exceptional quality. Waterville and Peter Millar vests offer not only unique and excellent designs but also distinctive quality. Sweater vests and puffer vests are a range of choices for office settings that can give you both comfort and versatility. Besides, leaving a Waterville or Peter Millar vest at your desk means you can stay warm while exuding a polished appearance.

Keep Warm in Your Office With Family Britches

Suppose it becomes too chilly and uncomfortable at work. In that case, there are always alternatives to the classic office cardigans that you can wear for comfort and elegance. It ranges from chic duster cardigans to warm shawl-collar sweaters. Family Britches can help you make your professional wear a reflection of your flair while also keeping you warm. Contact us today to learn how we can make your office feel less chilly with a customized appearance.

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