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Should Your Casual Clothes Be Custom-Tailored?


Custom-tailored clothes are the type of clothes customized by cutting and sewing them to a specific person’s body measurements or shape. When you come across the term “custom tailored,” the first thing that’ll probably come to your mind is formalwear, suits, or clothes for special occasions. That’s because many think only such clothes can have custom fits. 

However, did you know you can switch from ready-made to custom-tailored everyday clothes? You don’t need a birthday, wedding, or graduation to rock a perfectly fitting outfit. Instead, that can be your MO.

What’s the Issue With Ready-Made or Off-the-Rack Clothes? 

Before looking at the benefits of custom-tailored clothes, let’s look at some disadvantages of ready-made everyday casual clothes. These include:

  • Limited body shape and size options result in poor fit, e.g., too long legs or too short sleeves.
  • Standardized designs are restrictive for individual expression.
  • The quality of materials and designs is sometimes poor to keep prices affordable.
  • Clothes aren’t durable or long-lasting due to lower quality.
  • They may not offer the level of comfort and ease of movement that you require.

Why Go for Custom Tailored Casual Clothes?

Here are five reasons why your everyday outfit should also be custom tailored.

1. Endless Customization Options

It’s always good to be unique and have a different style from others, even when downing your everyday clothes. With custom-tailored clothing, the sky’s the limit regarding customization. It allows you to pick a specific color or pattern, a particular type of fabric, or unique detailing, to create the exact garment you’re envisioning. For example, you can prepare for the summer by choosing various color combinations for the summer vibe while remaining unique. 

2. Perfect Fit

Having clothes that fit perfectly is the secret to looking your best, having confidence, comfort, and making good first impressions. An excellent first impression can be difficult to pull off, especially when donning everyday ready-to-wear clothes. These clothes come in all shapes and sizes, and finding something close to perfect is rare. Sometimes the shirt sleeves aren’t long enough, or the waist of a pair of jeans is too loose. You could even find that the shoulders of a jacket you want to wear are too tight. That will most likely lead you to compromise on an outfit, creating a recipe for discomfort or an unflattering look. In contrast, custom-tailored clothes are tailored to your body size and measurements and significantly boost your everyday appearance and comfort. 

3. Greater Comfort

Comfort it’s probably one of the most important things people look out for when choosing casual everyday clothes. Comfortable clothing comes with a sense of freedom as they eliminate the need to adjust your attire throughout the day. They also allow you to move without worrying about tearing your clothes off with specific postures. Custom-tailored casual clothes blend with your body size, providing greater comfort and allowing you to move freely without restrictions.

4. Better Fabrics and Quality 

When purchasing everyday casual clothes, fabric quality should be a primary consideration. That’s because you wear these clothes frequently, and poor quality means quicker wear and tear. Most people buy clothes in bulk and don’t shop again for months. This is a high-risk approach. There’s a real chance you might get too many clothes you would wear only once. Such risks are rare when going for custom-tailored garments. That’s because they allow you to choose only the best quality materials, unlike off-the-rack clothes that are manufactured for Department stores and discount stores, where manufacturers can’t resist using low-quality fabrics to cut costs. Custom-tailored clothes will therefore offer a more durable and long-lasting closet. 

5. Saves Time and Money in the Long-Run 

Most people love ready-made, standardized clothes. They believe such clothes save them shopping time since they don’t waste time looking for the perfect outfits. All they have to do is go to their favorite store and pick clothes they like or order online. However, it’s highly unlikely they will find all they need in a single item. You might find a casual jacket with the perfect color, but the sleeves are too long, or the perfect fit jeans but not in your favorite color. You may spend a lot of time and money as you pick between clothes to find something that fits you perfectly. 

Opting for custom-tailored clothes saves you time and money since you pick clothes from available standard designs and customize them to suit you. You can select an oversized trouser in your favorite color and then customize it to your body measurement.

Final Thoughts 

Custom-tailored clothes are not only formal wear and clothes for special events. You can also have them in your everyday closet. They give you endless customization options, perfect fits, and better fabric quality and save you a lot of shopping time and money. 

At Family Britches, we help you achieve a custom-tailored experience for your casual clothes. Contact us today for everyday custom-tailored outfits. We have physical stores in Chappaqua, NY, and New Canaan, CT.

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