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5 Most Comfortable Fabrics for Your Work From Home Wardrobe

5 Most Comfortable Fabrics for Your Work From Home Wardrobe

Many people are still working from home as companies strive to implement hybrid workplaces. This means a good number of employees will remain to work at home for an uncertain period. Just like before, working in your pajamas or sweaters can be tempting as you feel more comfortable. However, it would be best to change your wardrobe to feature comfortable fabrics for professional clothing. As much as pajamas are comfy, they are not appropriate.

Dressing comfortably when at work is not a matter of style but decency encouraged by stylists and psychologists. It helps boost your productivity by creating a workplace environment to remain focused. It would be best to show professionalism when conducting video meetings, virtual conferences, virtual interviews, or webinars.

If you are still stuck on comfy wardrobe choices for remote work, then you are in the right place. Here we discuss the most comfortable fabrics you can include in your home wardrobe to feel comfortable and maintain a high sense of professionalism. Let’s get started!

What Comfortable Fabrics to Wear on a Normal Workday

Unless you need to be on camera, a typical working day at home should not concern you much with what you wear. It would be best if you had comfortable attire that could allow you to juggle work and other house chores.

Think about your remote working clothes as the casual Friday wear at the office. Therefore, change out of your pajamas before starting work and find the proper clothing for the day. You can make it a lot easier by planning the night before and avoiding decision fatigue in the morning.

There are several expert tips on the fabric you can choose for such occasions. Therefore, you can select the following comfortable fabrics for a typical day on working remote day:


Denim is the most versatile attire you must include in your home wardrobe. High-quality denim fabrics are comfortable, durable, stylish, and are soft. Also, you can choose any customized denim style to suit your job. You can select the fabric when shopping for jeansshirtstrousers, and jackets. You will also wear it on various occasions and events and still provide the needed confidence and comfort.


Silk is among the most popular fabrics you can find in the fashion world. It is extremely versatile, soft, and effortless to dye so that you can customize it to any color of your choice. It is perfect for events where you expect people to come into your home and keep you comfortable while working. Silk is the dress code for the royal families as well.


Polyester is another popular fabric due to its lightweight and breathability. In fact, it is the fabric used for most activewear and workout clothing. Using it for remote work is effective as you can participate in other house chores and remain comfortable for the rest of the day. Technically, the fabric will not make you sweat or absorb sweat. 

What Comfortable Fabrics to Wear to Meetings or Video Calls

Remote working involves a lot of video meetings. Every employee should give reports and collaborate with others to streamline business operations via various media. It would be best to boost your confidence in such meetings as if you attended the meeting in person. In this way, you remain professional, and you will feel comfortable addressing your colleagues.

The dress code varies for remote meetings. However, choose something that suits your industry and looks great on camera. You can first check on the formality of the meeting to ensure you don’t overdo or dress less formally. In most cases, video meetings require you to dress in formal attire.

Also, keep in mind that what you wear will attract viewers. Give attention to your short hair, glasses, and general body grooming. The best fabric to go for in this situation are:


Cotton is the world’s most comfortable fabric due to its exceptional breathability, weightlessness, and softness. It is also the most used fabric of all time. Equally important, the fabric makes various types of clothing that you can use to appear formal and focused in your meetings.


Rayon is another renowned fabric for its style and comfortability. It has a soft texture that creates wrinkle-free outfits and offers a luxurious appearance that will give you enough confidence in your meetings.

Get Custom, Comfortable Fabrics for Remote Work at Family Britches

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