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The Unofficial Rules of Men’s Jeans

jeans for men

Blue jeans can be traced back to the late 1800s, but they’re seen as a timeless staple. Although jeans for men may not be an appropriate choice in every style situation, these casual pants are prominently seen in workplaces, at social events, and in homes all across the nation and the world.

But if you’re intent on wearing or buying mens jeans, there are a few rules you’ll need to follow. These unofficial guidelines can help you look your best, make a great impression, and ensure you never commit a fashion faux pas.

Jeans For Men: The Unofficial Rules

Stick to Basic Hues

Although brightly colored denim emerged as a big trend in women’s fashion a few years back, it’s best to keep it simple with mens casual trousers. That means you’ll want to stick to denim jeans in a variety of washes, as well as options in black, gray, or white. It takes a certain type of person to pull off a bold pattern or bright color, especially when it comes to pants. You can, by all means, show off your unique personality and sense of style. But you’ll get more use out of your jeans if you opt for neutrals.

Find the Right Fit

We know that a first impression is formed within the first seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone and that 55% of a person’s opinion of you is determined by your physical appearance. If your pants are overly baggy (or overly tight!), you’re going to have to work much harder to make a good impression. Many men make the mistake of buying jeans that are much too loose. This is often for the sake of comfort, but it can come at the expense of a positive perception. Your jeans should be fitted without being skin-tight. You shouldn’t need a belt to hold up the waistband, nor should you be able to see the outline of your leg through your pants. High-rise jeans with tapered legs are usually a safe bet.

Know When to Wear Them

While jeans for men are incredibly versatile, they aren’t appropriate for every single occasion. Jeans might already be a staple of your work from home wardrobe, for casual get-togethers, and for weekend wear. In certain situations (especially with dark washes with no distressing), they might also be a good choice for a date night. However, you should not wear jeans for a job interview or for your first day on the job. For more formal social occasions, such as engagement parties and weddings, jeans should not be worn. Instead, opt for a different type of business casual trouser more suited to a formal occasion. You may love wearing your jeans every chance you get, but there’s a time and a place for them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cuff

Some people will go so far as to get their jeans tailored, but that might seem extreme for others. Cuffing your jeans can eliminate the need for hemming while adding a bit of visual interest to a business casual outfit. On a pair of slim-fit jeans that are slightly too long, you can roll them once for a clean-cut look. Wear them with a pair of nice sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes for a fresh feel this summer. Just don’t try this with wide-legged jeans or for dressier occasions.

Wear a Subtle Belt

As stated above, well-fitting jeans for men shouldn’t need to rely on a belt. However, it’s still good practice to wear a high-quality leather or woven stretch belt with your jeans. Having one black and one brown belt is recommended, as you’ll have something for virtually every outfit. Statement belts need not apply; the goal here is to keep it subtle but put-together.

Jeans are now considered essential for any wardrobe, regardless of your industry or even your gender. But in order to look your best in any situation, you’ll want to keep these unofficial rules in mind. No matter where or how you wear your jeans, you’ll always come off as professional and approachable if you follow our guidelines. For more on how we can upgrade your wardrobe, please get in touch with us today.

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