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Xacus Shirts

Selecting a shirt to coordinate with his outfit is a daily ritual for each man.  Family Britches strives to make it a pleasurable experience.

Xacus was founded in 1956 just outside of Vicenza by Albert Xoccato. He embarked on a journey of style and shirt-making using expert dress makers from his hometown to craft the product’s original sartorial characteristics.

Albert’s sons, Giorgio and Paolo, joined Xacus in 1980. They began to grow the company to North America and internationally, to key markets around the world.

Celebrating its 60th birthday this year, Xacus is a world leader in the men’s shirt industry. Since 1956, the basic principles and the Xacus philosophy have been quality, extensive research and development, respect and unparralled service and fit.

Remaining firmly rooted in it’s sartorial tailoring traditions, Xacus has retained and enhanced it’s distinct product characteristics to create a brand legacy synonymous with:

  1. Unique style
  2. Exceptional fit
  3. Exclusive details
  4. Premium fabric and materials
  5. Precision accuracy

Please come in to our Family Britches stores to view the Xacus collection and experience the pleasure of a coordinated outfit, premium fabrics and exceptional fit.

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