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Eton Shirts


Eton shirts have crafted fine men’s shirts since 1928. The original factory and headquarters remain in Ganghester, Sweden, where their first shirts were sewn.

From business (formal & casual) to your days off – there’s always an Eton shirt to coordinate and enhance your outfits.

Today’s well-dressed man can continue to wear his traditional attire for the office or pleasure. Men’s fashion is changing just like the world. An open mind, allows coping with the fast paced changes.

You need Family Britches to assist you in making the right choices that suit your lifestyle, comfort and fashion trends.

Whether you are staying at home or going away, travelling for business or pleasure, dressing up for the evening, the weekend or a meeting, make sure to bring an open mind and Family Britches’ suggested wardrobe alternatives.

Every place has a style of its own with unspoken and outspoken dress codes. Learn them or just look at them, break them or rule them; by mastering the art of dressing well, you look and speak a universal language.

Eton and Family Britches can guide you through this challenging new fashion world. Allowing you to dress appropriately with the current “tailored look” that suits you.

Let us help you lead the way.

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