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Work Outfits: What to Wear as We Head Back to the Office

Work Outfits: What to Wear as We Head Back to the Office

Business attire encompasses many different elements. As we return to our offices, you may be wondering which work outfits are best to wear now that the pandemic has changed much of the workplace dress code. 

First and foremost, check your company’s policies and review your closet options. You may still be on Zoom calls but maximizing your appearance in the office is more important than ever. Below is a primer on what you should have available in the proper styles and fits.

At Least Two Suits for Work Outfits

Suits might seem like an outdated office style, but they’re still relevant in many occupations today. If you’re the type that attends executive meetings and handles formal matters, a canvas front with hand tailoring will help you pull off a formal business look.

Pick two high-quality suits for different office occasions. One should have a solid plain color like blue or gray, and the other can be slightly panache for a more diverse look.Lastly, decide whether you want the suits ready-made or custom-tailored to your body specifications.

Vest and Sweaters

Vests and sweaters are the complete men’s ensembles in less formal settings. In terms of functionality, they both keep you warm and, style-wise, help break the monotony of the everyday business traditional look.

There are different types of men’s sweaters, but the gold standard remains cashmere crew sweaters. These types are light but warm and can be worn on almost any occasion, especially the solid, neutral colors.

Even so, don’t be afraid to have a variety of sweaters at your disposal. Some other good options to have are:

  • Men’s cardigan
  • Turtleneck sweaters
  • Polo sweaters

Casual Business Attire

Most people became used to wearing comfortable clothes during the pandemic, and it’s now a growing culture in the workplace. “It’s the evolution of business casual,” says Loretta Choy, the Chief Merchandise Officer at Stitch Fix, a personal shopping and styling service.

Companies have modernized workplace dress code policies to ensure workers are comfortable performing at their best. Some of the fashionable business comfort outfits today include:

  • Jeans coordinated with long-sleeved sports shirts
  • Cotton slacks paired with neutral sweaters
  • Vests and unconstructed jackets
  • Short-sleeved knits layered below sweaters
  • Loafers, Oxfords, or any other comfortable shoe

Seasonally Appropriate Outfits for Work Outfits

The trick to excellent office dressing is not to be overly creative with your outfits. In addition, being aware of the different seasons in the workplace can help avoid too much judgment for your dressing style from bosses and colleagues. In this regard, have the following in mind:

  • Coordinate shirt and tie: Pair solid shirts with a tie that has a background hint of the same color. Avoid pairing solid-colored shirts with solid-colored ties. Also, know when to wear shirts with ties and when not to.
  • Collar style is distinctive: There are about 19 collar types, each with distinctive qualities. Knowing the kind you want is instrumental in determining the shirts you’ll wear to work on different occasions. 
  • Incorporate sport coat options: Your outfit shouldn’t be too formal or deviate too much to the casual side. Sportcoats bring a sense of both professionalism and comfort at the same time. They also come in many patterns and colors and are durable.
  • Complement the style of the coats and any accessories: If you wear jeans, cotton on blends, or wool to work, pair it with a coat and matching accessories for a complete look. If you go for a sports coat, ensure that the trousers fit the overall style. Wearing pull-on pants will not cut it for most outfits.

Mix and Match Color Patterns

Color is an essential component in almost every office. Besides reflecting the brand presence and creating a sense of connection, color is a form of personal expression in the workplace.

Today, organizations are more lenient on what colors one can wear to work. However, avoid head-to-toe colors that may cause too much distraction. Instead, pop of color here and there in your outfit. Muted combinations are more appropriate for a staid office environment. 

For example, you can pair a neutral suit with a bright-colored tie or get some colorful shoes to wear with more casual outfits.

Look Like the Best Version of Yourself With Our Work Outfits

Today, offices are less conservative about dress codes, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try out new styles. However, try to lean on the side of caution, especially if your organization’s culture doesn’t allow too much casual dressing. It’s better to look clean and professional than creative and rugged.

For more tips on workplace style, visit our website. We have high-quality office outfits for formal and casual settings.

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