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Why all socks aren’t equal

What makes our socks exceptional:

  1. The world’s best yarns
  2. Exceptional quality workmanship
  3. Fine line toe seams
  4. Stitch density
  5. Reinforced heels & toes

Egyptian Cotton

Finest extra long staple Eqyptian cotton of uniform lengths.

Spun through a process called mercerization whereby it passes through a flame at high speed, to eliminate any stray surface fibers.

Result is a shiny, shrink and pull resistant yarn that absorbs dye brilliantly while maintaining its silky luster.

Merino Wool

The coat of the merino breed of sheep is synonymous with the production of fine, soft and durable wool.

Superfine merino (19.5 micron yarn) is spun with 10% nylon for extra durability for everyday wear.

Sea Island Cotton

West Indian Sea Island cotton is cultivated in the perfect conditions of the British West Indies.

As strong as silk, as durable as wool and as soft as cashmere – unsurpassed summer sock material.

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