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What Should Dad Wear for a Fall Family Photoshoot?

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Fall is here! The leaves are beginnings to change colors, the air is getting crisp, and pumpkin spice is in the air. Fall means apple picking, pumpkin patches, hayrides, and whether you like it or not, fall family photoshoots.

Family photoshoots are growing in popularity now that we can feel more comfortable getting out. While your spouse may be coordinating the kid’s clothes, you may be left to fend for yourself for your outfit. If fashion is not your strong suit, then following this guide will help you look your best. We can keep you from sticking out like a sore thumb and make sure you blend in well with your family.

Dress Code

In fall, you can wear a few different styles of clothes. You’ll first have to coordinate with your spouse if you can should a sweater and jeans or a button-down with trousers. It’s always better to clarify how dressed up you need to be. You may have the opportunity to swing towards more casual menswear or something more dressed up. If the kids are dressed up, consider a Fall tweed jacket or outer vest. If the kids are dressed in more relaxed clothing, you should be as well. The goal is to create a sense of unity with everyone’s outfits.

Remember to dress for the weather. Fall can have a tendency to be very warm or be very cold because it’s unpredictable. If it’s cooler out, make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and a heavier shirt. If it’s warmer out, opt for a lighter piece. Also, have a backup outfit if the weather report ends up being wrong. You don’t want to be sweating in your outfit or be shivering the whole time.

Color Palette

This is another one where you will want to discuss with your spouse the color scheme. Fall is known for burnt oranges, navy blues, mustard yellows, and olive greens. Once you two discuss the color scheme for the family, you’ll be able to narrow down what you should specifically be wearing. This is the moment when the whole family needs to coordinate so that you don’t clash.

It may be best for your spouse to pick their outfit first then everyone else can follow. For colors, there should be 2-3 coordinating colors. This makes sure that there is not too much happening in the photo.

Pick Out the Outfit

Now that you have an understanding of the dress code and color palette, you can pick out your outfit!


This is where all the focus will be so this is the most important aspect. If you and your spouse decided that everyone will be dressing more comfortably, then a sweater or vest is the best option. If you want to add something else to the mix, throw on a dress shirt under the sweater so you can see the collar. Dark and muted tones are excellent options for sweaters. If it’s more dressy, consider a nice button-down but keep it within the casual menswear department. You still look dressed up but you don’t need to go overboard with a blazer.


If you are a dad who loves wearing jeans, this is your time to shine. Jeans for men can keep you comfortable during the shoot and can still make you look presentable. For fall, opt for black or dark wash jeans and stay away from lighter washes. Although you may want to be comfortable, keep your distance from athleisure bottoms. Also, make sure your pants aren’t too baggy or too tight. The average waist circumference is approximately 39.7 inches. Know your waist size before ordering the wrong fit jeans.

You may stick out if you are wearing joggers. You still want to look your best so stick with casual menswear. If you are wearing a button-down, then casual trousers for men are the right move. For color, go with a darker tan, navy or charcoal because those will fit in with Fall colors.


Unfortunately, sneakers are a no-go for a fall photo shoot. For shoes, boots fit in with the theme for fall. Right now, Chelsea boots are very popular and very trendy for casual menswear. These will pair perfectly with black jeans. But, if you decided on trousers, dress shoes will look best. Anything other than dress shoes with trousers will clash.

Have Fun

A family photo shoot can be really fun. Try to loosen up and make sure the kids are also having fun. Although the outfits are an important aspect of a photoshoot, if no one is comfortable or having a good time, then the photos may not turn out great and the effort was all for nothing. If you are in need of casual menswear for your family fall photoshoot, take a stroll through the Family Britches online store or make a convenient appointment so our experts can coordinate your selections and alter them to perfection. Also, remember to relax and have fun because you and your family look great!

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