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5 Signs You Need to Tailor Your Shorts

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Picture this: You love shorts, but it never seems to fit quite right whenever you try a new pair. Well, the reason is that ready-made shorts are designed to fit a standard body type, which may not match your unique contours. Therefore, you must get a tailor to make some adjustments to make a well-fitting pair of shorts. Family Britches, a store selling high-quality shorts, highlights common imperfections that suggest you should tailor your shorts.

1. The Short Is Too Long or Too Short

Customarily, shorts should be on kneecap length or end a few inches above or below the knee. However, this is not always the case — some shorts can be too short or too long, compromising your style.

For instance, a pair of shorts that is too long makes your legs shorter. Likewise, shorts that are too short do not provide enough coverage. If your shorts fall in any of the mentioned categories, consider tailoring them.

Your tailor will hem the long pairs of shorts to a length that ends on the kneecap or a few inches above or below the knees. Contrarily, if the pair of shorts is too short, your tailor can add fabric to extend the length slightly.

2. The Waist Is Too Tight or Too Loose

A loose or tight waist is another common sign that you need to tailor your shorts. When the waist is too loose, you constantly pull the shorts up, as they tend to slip down. Furthermore, a loose waist makes your shorts sag around the hips and waistline.

On the contrary, a waist that is too tight restricts your movement when bending, dancing, or squatting. A tight waist can also create bulges around the waistline or cause discomfort. 

Whichever the issue, a good tailor will adjust the waist to a perfect fit. For instance, if the waist is too loose, a tailor will remove excess fabric and resew the seam to a snug fit. In contrast, if the waist is too tight, a tailor will use the available seam allowance to enlarge the waist.

3. The Shorts Crawls Up When You Move

Sometimes, your new pair of shorts can ride up when you move around, making you self-conscious, especially in a formal setting. Mostly, shorts ride up when they are too tight or too loose in the inner thighs.

In such a case, your tailor can prevent the shorts from riding up by adjusting the length and width to your body’s unique proportions. With the adjustments, your shorts stay in place when you move around.

4. The Leg Openings Are Too Wide or Narrow

The leg openings of a well-fitting pair of shorts should be neither too tight nor too loose. Rather, they should provide enough room for movement without appearing overly baggy or constricting.

Again, a good tailor can help you adjust the leg openings to the correct size. Supposing the leg openings are too wide, your tailor can taper them slightly, so the leg openings fit snugly without feeling overly baggy.

Conversely, if the leg openings are too narrow and restrictive, a tailor can widen them to provide greater freedom of movement and comfort.

5. The Shorts Don’t Flatter Your Body

A well-fitting pair of shorts should hug your curves in all the right places without feeling overly restrictive. Every aspect of the shorts should be tailored to complement your body shape from the waist to the hemline.

Otherwise, the shorts will have less attractive bulges and sagging. Furthermore, the waistband of shorts that don’t flatter the body might dig into the skin, creating discomfort and emphasizing excess weight around the midsection.

A tailor can transform a short with imperfections into a more flattering garment. In particular, the tailor will adjust the waistband, leg openings, and the short’s length to a perfect fit.

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