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Ultimate Guide to Summer Linen Attire for Men: From Store to Stains

Ultimate Guide to Summer Linen Attire for Men: From Store to Stains

Nobody wishes to be hot and bothered during the summer. Instead, we all want to look cool and stylish, which is synonymous with pure linen. Whether it’s a casual linen shirt or a crisp linen suit for a summer wedding, summer linen attire will give you a relaxed yet elegant appearance.

Why Summer Linen Attire During the Hot Months?

  • Naturally breathable
  • Moisture wicking characteristics
  • Cool comfort

Here are top tips on how to appear elegant with summer linen:

Choosing Your Fit

Baggy shirts or pants are unflattering, and you don’t want to struggle with crumpling linen. A Meyer cotton and linen pants will never go out of style, and they’re great for business casual options. Keep your outfit sharp by selecting a slim or tapered cut. 

Choosing a Color

The easygoing nature of linen doesn’t work well with vibrant colors. Soft blues, fading greens, and pale yellows are excellent alternatives for your linen appearance. Neutrals like stone, cream, and ecru are essential classics, especially if you prefer a linen suit. Look out for over-dyed or pigment-dyed styles, which create a variegated fabric effect and added interest around the seams.

Choosing Your Style

You definitely want to rock your linen during the summer. Therefore, understanding how to style your linen shirts and pants is necessary before purchasing.

Here are a few styles that will make your shopping more fun and your style impressive.

Everyday Casual

Sometimes, you just want a calm outfit without looking overdressed. You can consider going for a neutral tone, such as a linen dress shirt and some casual linen pants.

Coastal Cool

You don’t want to be left out during a family coastal visit during summer. A long-sleeved collared shirt and some white linen pants might be all you need to add to a little sophistication to your day out.

Removing Stains From Linen Clothes

Your linen may occasionally get spills, which can be annoying. There are techniques to deal with the stain, so you may restore the elegance of your priceless linen clothing. To get rid of those unpleasant stains, try these simple hacks.

  • Perform a spot cleaning and use baking soda, club soda, or white vinegar to remove the stain.
  • Use a paper towel to blot the stain without scrubbing the afflicted area.
  • Use dishwashing liquid if spot cleaning is ineffective. Rub the discolored area gently.
  •  Make a soaking solution using detergent and a bucket full of water.
  • Soak the garment for 10 minutes. 

Remember, the above instructions apply when using a washing machine. Consider hand washing for more delicate linen.

Linen Clothes Washing Tips

  • First, check the recommended temperature under your garment’s label. 
  • You can easily wash your pure linen clothing by hand or using a washing machine. However, some clothing employs different materials for the lining and trims, so it would be helpful to check the recommended maintenance for these.
  • Constantly review the care instructions on the clothing. Your priceless garments may shrink or become damaged if you don’t follow them.
  • Try not to stuff the washing machine with too many clothes. The linen fabrics are vulnerable to tearing or twisting under a packed load.
  • Avoid washing linen clothing in hot water since it causes them to shrink.
  • Your garment may shrink if the water temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

Ironing Linen

You don’t have to worry about ironing your linen clothes since their creases give them a relaxed natural feeling. However, you can consider the following tips if your garments get too wrinkled.

  • Set your iron to linen setting 
  • Ensure that your garments are damp before ironing. If your linen is dry, spray it with water while ironing if linen is dry, spray it with water while ironing. A steam iron may serve you better.

Storage Suggestions for Your Summer Linen Attire

 You’ll need to consider how to store your linen during the colder months. Here are some suggestions for how to store linens so they stay fresh until the summer months.

  • Ensure your linen is completely dry
  • Keep your linen clothing out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. Remember, linen is a natural fiber that requires air to breathe and maintain its quality.
  • Avoid keeping your linen in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Instead, consider storing them in laundry bags.
  • You don’t have to worry about insects and moths, linen is insect repellant.

Find the Perfect Summer Linen Attire at Family Britches

Off-the-rack garments do not suit a professional like yourself. Our retail stores in Chappaqua NY and New Canaan CT offer personalized services and consultation to style your summer dressing. Further, your linen garments deserve care to last you to the coming summers. Family Britches are devoted to sustaining your confidence all through.

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