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Your Custom-Tailored Clothes Feel a Little Tight—7 Steps You Can Take

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Custom-tailored clothes are a wonderful way to look your best with your natural body shape. Rather than buying clothes “off the rack” you can have clothes that perfectly match the length of your arms, the shape of your torso, and the curve of your leg. As you pack away summer clothes, naturally you are ready to try on your autumn and winter attire, building new outfits for the new season. There’s just one problem: your custom-tailored clothes like shirts, jackets, or pants now feel a little tight.

People don’t always stay the same size. We grow more muscular with summer activity or start padding new areas of the body with each life stage. Fortunately, your custom-tailored clothes are still valuable and they can be made to fit you perfectly again. You may simply need to make a few small adjustments.

Simple Outfit Solutions

There are two ways to fix custom-tailored clothes that feel a little small. You can still enjoy them by creating new outfits that are more flattering with snug pieces.  

Wear Snug Shirts With a Loose Jacket or Wrap

Take a snug dress shirt or blouse and wear it with a loose jacket or a light wrap. A jacket can make a tight shirt look sleek instead of snug. A wrap can become the star of your outfit while the snug shirt acts as a stylish backdrop.

Change How You Wear Your Belt

For pants that are just a little tighter than before, try wearing your belt in a different setting or in a different place on your hips. You may find that the pants ride more comfortably with a little change.

Add a Vest or Bolero

If a shirt is just a little snug around the stomach, wear a clean-cut vest that hides the form-fitting effect. If a shirt’s fit is just a little off around the shoulders, a bolero jacket or shawl can restore your look.

Quick Tailoring Alterations

A skilled tailor can also save your outfits by making slight alterations to the garments. Many pieces have a little extra fabric that can be let out if the clothes grow snug. Some have designs that let you add extra fabric elegantly if needed.

Let Out the Back Pinning on Fitted Jackets and Shirts

Many fitted shirts cut a dashing figure — for men and women — with a tuck-in around the back or waist. If there is extra fabric in the fold, your tailor can let it out slightly while keeping the tailored look of the garment so you have another inch or two of breathing space in your shirt or jacket.

Widen the Waistband on Tight Pants

Pants often have a little give around the waistband if you know where to find it. A tailor may create that space so that it is more comfortable to fasten your tailored pants and avoid an unwanted pinch when you sit.

Create Space Behind the Back Pockets

Some pants with back pockets let you add extra fabric if you need a little more room in the rear. This can be an important alteration to avoid untimely rips if your body adds padding in a more shapely way.

Reduce Shoulder Padding in Jackets

If your shoulders have become wider or more rounded over the summer, you can make room in your jackets by removing some of the shoulder padding. You can use a light shaping pad instead of a larger pad to create more room in the shoulder and sleeve opening for your larger arms.

Look Dashing This Autumn With Tailored Clothing

Autumn and winter clothes often look best when tailored. From comfortable sweaters to elegant formalwear, clothing that is cut to your body’s unique proportions will make your figure look the most attractive. Many people slowly increase their collection of tailored clothing by a few garments each year. So if your body has changed in size a little over the summer, there’s no need to fret. Outfit changes and slight alterations can often restore your favorite tailored pieces to their original ability to flatter your shape comfortably.

To find new tailored clothing for autumn and winter this year, explore our selection at Family Britches. Give us your measurements so each garment is customized to best suit your comfort and style. Contact us today to learn more about ordering tailored clothing online.

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