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“Tidying Up”

“Tidying Up”


When you go to your closet and select an outfit does the combination bring a smile to your face? Does the ensemble still look stylish and make you feel like you’re stepping out “in-style?”

Menswear styles are changing as quickly as women’s. Coordination is an “art form” that the experts at Family Britches, can make you feel your best by looking great!

A bestselling book, “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, suggests that we need to look at our wardrobes and begin to declutter anything that no longer brings “joy’ when you put it on.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to offer your significant other, Family britches Valet Services with a gift certificate. Whether his wardrobe needs a “makeover” or just updating one or more outfits, let us help unclutter and refresh his ensemble(s).

Convenient appointments are available.




Some tell tales signs that a wardrobe intervention is necessary:

  1. Are his pants too baggy?
  2. Are his shirts too full?
  3. Are his sport coats and suits, all of the above?
  4. Are his colors too drab?






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