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How to Style a Vest All Year Long: Your Season-by-Season Guide


Men are now wearing functional but stylish vests for business, casual, and recreational occasions in all seasons of the year. Knowing what function you want the vest to provide, the right style to wear, and how to pair it with other pieces of clothing will make an investment in vests worthwhile. 

There are stylish-looking vests that can be as versatile as all-season vests. There are also more suited for colder winter or wet weather like rain or snow. Examples of the vests that we’ll be talking about include the following:

  • Quilted vests
  • Baffle vests
  • Lightweight vests
  • Corduroy vests
  • Quilted fleece vests
  • Plaid wool vests

Let’s look at how you can wear each vest in what season and how to style it into your ensemble for the occasion you’d like to wear it.

All-Seasons Vest

The best all-season vest for men has to be versatile enough to be worn with a short sleeve shirt and shorts on cool summer nights or layered with other clothing when the seasons change from cooler to colder weather.  

reversible quilted vest is the best example of a vest you can wear for any season. It has knit fabric on one side, while the reversible side is made of a nylon and spandex blend. 

It is moisture-wicking and breathable enough for cool summer nights. However, it can also be layered over any style of a long-sleeve shirt while being layered under blazers, jackets, and coats, depending on the season and occasion you wear it. When encountering wet and cold weather in the winter and spring, the outer layer of the nylon and spandex blend material will protect against inclement weather. 


As the season is turning from colder to cooler weather, but with more rain, you will need a lightweight or baffle, water-resistant, and windproof vest. To protect yourself from the elements in the spring, you will more likely wear a nylon quilted vest or a baffle vest layered under a light jacket, windbreaker, or a cotton and nylon blend overshirt. 

For a business-casual look approach, you can layer a dress shirt or collared shirt under a lightweight quilted vest. Add a tie if the occasion calls for one. For a more casual look, layer cotton long-sleeve shirts or sweatshirts under them.


A lightweight, breathable vest is best for those cool summer nights when carrying a jacket is not an option. Layering it over a T-shirt and wearing shorts makes you comfortable while enjoying summer night activities. However, wearing it without a shirt is not a recommended style look.  


The fall season is much like spring, except there’s usually less rain. This means waterproofing is not as essential in this season. However, cooler weather will prevail. A quilted vest with a warm fleece interior might be the best choice for this season.  

Layer this vest over a collared long-sleeve, flannel, or sweatshirt for added warmth. You can also layer the vest under a blazer if you’re going for a business casual approach.


Quilted fleece vests, plaid wool vests, and corduroy vests will keep you warm in the winter. The mid-weight quilted fleece vest has three layers for texture and warmth but is not bulky. You can still layer over and under the vest while still looking stylish.  

You can choose from quilted plaid wool and corduroy vests instead of the quilted fleece vest. Also, you can layer these warm vests over sweaters for a business casual look or over flannel or sweatshirts for weekend outdoor activities. If you need protection from the snow, layer a water-repellent quilted, puffer, or parka coat over the top. 

Functional and Stylish Vests for All Seasons

Vests are not seasonal and can be worn for all types of occasions and events in any season of the year. From the warmest vests to the lightweight ones, which also have moisture-wicking and breathability properties, you can wear vests comfortably in all seasons of the year. In addition, vests are versatile for business, casual, or recreational events because of their ability to be layered with all kinds of styles and looks.

Here at Family Britches, we can help tailor a look that is unique to you. If you’re still not sure how a vest can fit into your wardrobe, we offer personal and virtual stylist services to help you look your best. So contact us for a style that’s uniquely yours.

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