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How to Style a Shacket: Winter Guide

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It’s shacket season again! A time we all love. What is a shacket, you wonder. Simply put, it is a “shirt jacket.” Join the two words, and you get a shacket. Brilliant, right? It’s thicker than your average shirt but lighter than a coat, making it easy to layer with other clothing items, notwithstanding the weather.

Shackets come in a variety of fabrics, shapes, and sizes, making them the most versatile way to upgrade your style. If you want a fresh new addition to your winter casual wear, a shacket is an easy way to revamp your look. Ahead, we share tips to help you style your shackets for winter.

How to Style a Shacket

If you want to jump in on the trend but are stumped on how you could add it to your wardrobe, here are easy ways to style your shacket:

Pair With a Simple T-Shirt and Your Favorite Jeans

We all love the classic plain white tee and blue jeans. Unsurprisingly, this tried and true combo pairs magnificently with a shacket. To achieve the perfect look, go for a shorter shacket, preferably one that reaches your upper thigh. Also, complete the look with some comfortable sneakers or some cute boots.

Style With Leggings

Because shackets are longer, they pair perfectly with leggings. This no-fail look elevates your fashion, making you look put together yet comfortable. Leather leggings are a wardrobe staple for the winter season, adding some dimension to your typical shacket outfit. You can go for Chelsea boots or sneakers with a fitting tee for a more laid-back look or a heeled boot and your favorite bodysuit to make you look classy.

Style With a Crop Top

Crop tops don’t need to be forgotten once the temperatures drop. If putting together an outfit with a crop top as the centerpiece feels outside your alley, let us help you. Layering is key if you want to rock a crop top comfortably in the colder months. You can layer on your shacket to keep warm and pair it with a midi skirt to get more coverage.

Add a Bold Color

Thanks to Coco Chanel, nothing says chic and elegant more than rocking an all-black outfit. This is considered the epitome of class and high-end fashion. However, you could throw in some fun by adding bold colors to the mix. Spice up any neutral outfit by adding on a bright-colored shacket. This is a sure way to make a statement while still giving a laid-back vibe.

Style With Sweatpants

The popularity of sweatpants means you can rock them just about anywhere – if you style them correctly. Take your favorite sweatsuit and style it with a mid-length shacket, sneakers, or lug boots. You can add more style to this look by throwing in a hat.

Style With a Sweater and Ripped Jeans

The sweater and jeans outfit is a classic. It is a safe everyday look you can easily put together even on the laziest of days. However, if you are dressing for the chilly weather and want to throw on something warm, you could layer your outfit with a matching shacket for a sleek look and a cozy vibe.

Style With Trousers and Flats

The best thing about this look is you can wear it to the office and after-work drinks. Pairing a shacket with your favorite trousers and cute ballet flats makes you feel polished and trendy. To stand out better, make your inside layer monochrome and use a shacket to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Team It With a Turtleneck

When winter rolls around, the focus is to stay warm. The cold season often involves some staples that never run out of fashion. A great example is the turtleneck, which provides extra warmth because its fabric covers the neck area. 

While the winter staple is perfect to wear on its own, it also pairs perfectly with a shacket. This is a magnificent way to put together a layered look, as the top of your turtleneck will peek out from beneath the shacket. You can play around with color here to create a more sophisticated look.

Style With a Cute Winter Hat

Another magnificent shacket styling tip is teaming it with your go-to winter hat. Popular hats for this look include bobble hats and knitted beanies, which keep you warm and add that extra layer of detail you’ve been yearning for.

How to Accessorize Your Shacket

Winter accessories are ideal for elevating your style and providing that extra layer of warmth. Here are some of our favorite accessories to go with your shacket:

  • Scarves
  • belts
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Socks

Select a fabric that is warm, soft, comfortable, and, not to forget, stylish. Top recommendations include cashmere, faux fur, and faux shearling.

Style Your Shacket With Family Britches

At Family Britches, we have a remarkable reputation for selling the best quality shackets. Our representatives are always ready to help you make a choice that fits your style. For additional information about shackets from our collection, contact us today. 

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