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Curating a Professional Men’s Office Wardrobe for 2023: Upgrade Your Office Wardrobe Post-Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work. Many offices went to a work-from-home model, leaving employees across the world unsure of what to do with their office wardrobes. Fast forward to 2023, and many offices are slowly beginning to return to normal with hybrid or in-person office environments. It’s important to start thinking about revamping your office wardrobe. After months of working from home in loungewear and spending the day in slippers, it can be difficult to go back to a wardrobe consisting of business casual clothing. With offices gradually beginning to open and Zoom meetings with colleagues still taking place, many men are questioning what pieces should they keep and which should they get rid of as they begin to put together their post-pandemic wardrobe.  

Taking Inventory 

If you haven’t shopped for office attire in a while, it can feel daunting and stressful. But, the key to a well-dressed post-pandemic office wardrobe is to focus on the basics and not reinvent your entire closet. Assemble items you already have or simply purchase pieces to freshen up your wardrobe. To make the transition easier, let’s look at some key pieces of clothing you will need to successfully upgrade your post-pandemic wardrobe. 

Determine What You Already Have

First and foremost, you need to determine what you will need in your office wardrobe. Knowing your situation and making an honest assessment will make sure that you have a wardrobe appropriate for what your job requires. When creating your post-pandemic wardrobe, think about how often you will be working from home and the number of in-office days. That way you can buy just the right amount of clothing for the appropriate occasions. It is best to start by curating and building on items you already own, and then work your way into updating and filling in the gaps. Having some simple, timeless, and classic pieces of clothing is key and will help you maintain a stylish and professional office wardrobe.

Determine What You Need 

You should also make sure to invest in items of good quality and in a color and pattern that will be flattering to you. This isn’t to say that you need to buy designer clothing. Investing in high-quality pieces is often more economical in the long run. Well-made clothing also helps you feel more confident, which is essential when dressing for success. 

Purchase the Basics

Firstly, think of getting shirts with breathable fabric like cotton or linen. These shirts should be appropriate for the workplace and must look good. Select styles that are timeless like classic button-ups and collared polos. These shirts can complement casual trousers or can be coordinated with a sports jacket.

Secondly, cotton trousers should be your go-to piece. The best choices are cotton khakis or chinos or neutrals like grey, beige, or navy. They can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. 

Lastly, footwear plays an essential role in your wardrobe. Depending on your office culture and what looks best with the clothing you already have, decide whether dress shoes like loafers, or classic Oxfords, are appropriate. Don’t be afraid to have a pair of sneakers on hand. These will look great with trousers and can easily be swapped with dressier shoes.

Once you have all the key pieces you need for a new wardrobe, you can then start to focus on the more exciting accessories. For example, ties and pocket squares are an excellent way to bring a pop of color and show your style. Blazers can also bring some interest to your office wardrobe. They can make you comfortable in both the boardroom and on a night out. 

Traveling to the Office or Around the World?

No matter if you’re traveling or just traveling to the office, your wardrobe needs to be on point. For the office, It’s always worth investing in a good quality suit, as this is a staple piece of any professional wardrobe. Opt for a classic cut and fabric that won’t go out of fashion any time soon. If you plan on traveling for work, easy-care button-down shirts, shoes that slip on and off easily, and a versatile business casual jacket- with pockets for easy access to your passport and boarding pass-, will complete your travel ensemble. When purchasing for the office or travel, make sure to invest in quality materials and fabrics that are going to last and hold up over time. 

Casual Menswear

When it comes to casual menswear, having the right pieces in your wardrobe is essential for looking professional and stylish. Our inventory has an extensive collection of menswear staples. Choose from dress trousers, polo shirts, blazers, and luxurious accessories like leather belts and deerskin gloves. We can provide personalized recommendations to build tailored to you to your needs. 

Business Casual

When it comes to rebuilding your post-pandemic office wardrobe, the concept of “business casual” is a great alternative to suit jackets and ties. Business casual for men typically consists of patterned or Oxford button-down shirts, sweaters and sweater vests, cardigans, dress slacks or dark jeans, tailored blazers, colorful socks, and leather belts. Whether business casual, business professional, or even  ensure that the clothing is well-tailored and made of high-quality materials. 

For more ideas on what to wear to the office in 2023 and beyond, get in touch with a professional stylist or browse our selection of men’s business casual clothing online. Our collection includes pieces that help you make a look professional without sacrificing comfort.

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