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Personalized Customer Service Always At Family Britches

The meaning of Personalized Customer Service is not just words to Family Britches. We are leaders in our communities. Our interaction with each family is part of our relationship and the meaning of family.


Lina Serpico, on Chappaqua Moms wrote:

A feel good story about a merchant in our town for the Holidays. My 6th grade daughter went into town last week to do some Christmas shopping. She went into Family Britches to buy a gift for her dad. The store owner Barry helped her pick out the gift. When she asked the price, she realized she did not have enough money, she told Barry that she could not afford the item and that she still needed to get gifts for her brothers. Barry told her not to worry that he would take less (a lot less) for the item so that she still had enough money to finish her shopping! My daughter cannot stop thinking about his kindness… He even took her into the back room and let her pick out wrapping paper and bow! My husband offered to make up the difference, but Barry would not hear of it. I know my daughter will remember his kindness forever!!
Happy holidays!



Some responses:

Ronni Diamondstein, Dawn Evans Greenberg, Lauren Kraft Greene and 552 others like this.

Robin Murphy That is great. Hoping he’ll do the same for me! (Just kidding!!!)

Grace Scialli Murphy Thank you for sharing!

Roberta Offenhutter Lasky Sweet.

Susan Portera Androsiglio That’s so sweet what a nice gesture

Julie Ippolito heartwarming

Laurie Fessler Wonderful

April Marin I love this! That’s what it’s all about

Laura Rubenstein Friedman Love Barry! He is so nice!

Trish Farren That’s why we should all shop locally!

Michelle Packer Honig What a “feel good” post. Thank you so much for sharing!

Elizabeth Brody That’s gr8!!

Melissa Biren Singer Wonderful story, and I am not at all surprised to hear it. Barry is a gem – this is why Family Britches has been such a wonderful part of the community for so many years. My husband has been buying suits there since his Bar Mitzvah!

Vicki M Lange Bergstrom Barry’s the best! Love Britches!

Judy Robbins We also had a great experience with Barry and Family Britches.
I had just moved to the area and had never been in the store. I selected an item for my husband but wasn’t sure he would like it. He told me to take it home without paying him to show my husband. Who does that??
He also delivered altered suits right to our door!
Unbelievable customer service!

Ellis Rosen Lesser Love Barry and Family Britches!

Ann Styles Brochstein It is what I would expect from Barry & Family Britches! A wonderful store!

Monique Banks Barry is the best!

Hailey Puleo I love them and was shopping in there today – they are the absolute best!!!

Eileen Infurna Gallagher This is one of the sweetest holiday stories I have read! Will definitely be paying a visit to Family Britches soon…

Haley Hahn Ferraro So sweet.

Diane Nerem Wendel Warms your heart! Barry is terrific!

Jennifer Rosar Gefsky Barry is the best!! We are very lucky to have Family Britches in town. Thanks for sharing this amazing story Lina Serpico!

Jennifer Carpenter Jensen Because of this story, my husband and I will be shopping at his store tomorrow!

Denise Griggs Borgeest Barry is amazing, and always the gentleman.

Diane Satenstein Family Britches is awesome This what a small town business will do for you SHOP LOCAL

Susan Goldberg Holmes Barry is one of the nicest and kindest people around!

Carrie Dillon I would venture to say that many, many people who shop at Britches also have a story about Barry’s kindness. I know I have one!

Jodi Rosenwasser Levine And this is why we need to support our local merchants and remember to shop small when you can . Only a small business owner can do and will do these things.
Happy Holidays to all!

Karen Visser Thanks for sharing a true story of the Christmas spirit! May God continue to bless us all! Merry Christmas.

Pam Percus Rosman When we moved here you could open charge accounts with individual stores. We had charges at Family Britches, Squires & the Colony Shop. Barry is a really nice guy. He was the one who picked me up when I fell on the ice in front of another store.

Tema Edelsberg Bomback There is no one like Barry. Thanks for sharing.

Nitasha Kumar Reminded me of the book. …’hug your customer’

Ilene Scher Weinberg Big fans of Family Britches– Barry is so nice!

Lisa Spivack Katz I am not surprised! Family Britches is wonderful and Barry is a doll!

Hope Ross Mazzola Super Client Service! Wouldn’t it be nice if every merchant (and customer) embraced the holiday spirit?

Chrissy Bucci That is an amazing story!

Jodi Katz They fixed a tear in my son’s coat last week at no cost. And we did not buy the coat from them!

Stephanie LaTour What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing!

Tory Miller Barry is amazing. The true spirit of the holidays!

Lori Chlapowski These are the people in our neighborhood, the people that we meet, when we’re walking down the street. Take away: shop local

Cortney Miller I’ve never been there, but I definitely plan to stop in now. Thank you for sharing this!!

Cindy Shmerler Not only is Barry a special merchant but he is a wonderful, caring father and husband. And his forehand is pretty good too!

Carol Lowell Barry is one of the nicest men I know and Family Britches is a great store the true meaning of small town shopping

Susan Flanagan Love Barry and all of his staff! So happy we have them in town. They do a wonderful job fitting boys for suits or dress clothes for the parties and holidays. I love Carole in the women’s department!

Jill Thau I have been shopping at Family Britches for years. Barry and all his sales people are always very gracious. Plus they have beautiful men’s me woman’s clothes.

Lisa Christensen Beels I haven’t really shopped there, but I will now !

David Miller Barry is the best!!!

Leslie Pierson this is karma at it’s best. someone does something good for someone and then we all go to shop there because (just because).

Julie Sherman Jakubovitz Family Britches goes above and beyond! When my son broke his leg, they altered his suit pants to accommodate his cast, then altered them back when his cast was removed (all at no cost).


Joanna Strassburg Fisher Barry was my next -door neighbor growing up….he was lovely even way back then…and he is even more charming now!! I have known him all of my life!!

Julie Snyder Fein he’s the best

Laurie Brecher Barry is a king among men!! The best!

Allyson Schlesinger Truly incredible kindness!

Leslie Pierson someone needs to make a copy of this and bring it to barry. he will love it.

Ann Styles Brochstein When was the last time a post got 520 likes? Can 1000 be far away?

Diane Satenstein Business has been slow for Barry too. I was in there the other day shopping of course. Maybe this will spur people who aren’t familiar with Family Britches to start shopping there.

Ann Styles Brochstein They have beautiful things, for men and women. I went in to buy one thing for my husband and left with shopping bag full! They could not be nicer or more helpful.

Valerie Juster Berman My father, when my parents lived in Westchester was a regular shopper and customer of Barry’s. Barry has visited my elderly parents in Florida, always asks me about them and truly cares. I ditto every single comment made on this thread. He is the definition of a mensch!!.


Lina Serpico I Am truly amazed at how many “likes” this post has gotten!! And to think I was not sure about posting! It is nice to see how many people love Britches as much as my family does. Barry will certainly be touched by the response!

Betsy Doolin I totally agree. Being in Chappaqua for 28 years Barry always was a delightful, courteous store owner and would help out in whatever way possible. They have the finest selection of clothing & accessories – always have. While looking for a part time job (in his spare time (lol) senior yr at HGHS, my son Alex 17 yrs old was received so well by Barry & others that he was offered s job in the spot. He’s so pleased to work with those great people at FB (not Facebook)

Catherine Lepone Barry has always supported Making Headway Foundation as well.

Ann Styles Brochstein
Lina Serpico, I hope you print this out and bring it to Barry. I know he would be very touched by all the comments and likes!

Lina Serpico Ann, I certainly will!


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