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Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials

Men’s Fall Fashion

Preparing your wardrobe has never been more challenging or exciting for men. As fall fashion season is upon us, we wanted to take a look at some of the changes as well as the timeless pieces for a fall wardrobe.

Keeping your closet current can require some effort, or otherwise some professional help! We have a plan for multiple outfit options, keeping you prepared for every occasion this fall. Here are our essentials:

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Some men’s fall fashion “rules”

Men’s fall fashion actually has very few real “rules.” For the most part, looking your best follows the same core tenets:

  • Dressing for your body shape
  • Wearing clothes that fit well (preferably tailored)
  • Accessorizing wisely (fall brings in possibilities like scarves, hats and gloves)
  • Looking after your clothing and your overall appearance.

As we enter fall though, more colors are introduced to the fashion palette. These tend to mimic the colors you are seeing outside – olive, burnt orange, shades of brown and darker hues of blue and grey. 

The only other advice we’d add is that you need to consider fabrics that will take you through fickle fall weather. It’s the time of year when you might experience “four seasons in one day.” Consider good quality fabrics offering both warmth and breathability, for example a cotton shirt with a lightweight wool blazer.

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#1. Professional business attire

What should your professional business attire include this fall? Here’s our shortlist:

  • Suits with or without a tie
  • Sport coat and trousers
  • Shirts
  • Sweater vests
  • Long sleeve polos
  • Pocket squares and other accessories.

Your suit

The classic workhorse of professional business attire is the two-button suit. This provides the sort of versatility that can be dressed up for an event such as a wedding, or dressed down for a business casual day.

In terms of fabric, a crease-resistant wool is a good choice to see you through the different weather patterns that fall can bring. Look for something mid-weight as that is very adaptable. For example, our Canali suit in either grey or navy will keep you looking sharp at any time.


When it comes to dress shirts, we favor easy-care options. Your shirt is an absolute wardrobe staple so the easier it is to maintain, the better for your day-to-day look. 

In the fall you may still stick with the summer staple of 100% cotton. This ensures breathable comfort on any given day. For an example, see our customer favorite, the Eton dress shirt. See also the Stenstrom shirt for a fashion-forward style and pattern.

A sport shirt can also be a good option, especially if you’re in a less-traditional sort of office environment. See our Peter Millar Anderson Micro Tattersall shirt.

Sport coat

Canali Three Button Knit Soft Coat

The sport coat is one of the most versatile pieces for any wardrobe. You can wear it in a professional business setting, but also dress it down for a more casual look. In terms of fall wear, look at the weight of the coat for its versatility in different weather. For professional formal-wear, look for a more constructed design with a lining.

For example, the Samuelsohn soft travel coat is a blend of wool, silk and linen providing a soft feel but with enough weight for some of the more chilly days.

Consider your coat color in terms of ability to mix and match with your shirts and trousers. For example, an oatmeal or beige color will go well with blues, browns, greys and greens, covering some of the most popular fall color schemes.

Sweater vests

Need a quick and simple fall wardrobe update? The sweater vest can be an excellent choice for an added layer of warmth under your suit, or on its own when it’s still a bit too warm for your jacket. Sweater vests are acceptable for formal business attire when worn with a dress shirt and tie. Our pick would be a soft wool blend that you can wear with or without a tie.

An argyle or neutral shade are traditional picks, but you also might like to showcase a bit of personal style with a pop of color. If you’re wanting a little color but not a bold splash, look for a sweater vest that has a pop of color along the neckline.

#2. Casual business wear

Casual business wear has become more and more common as an overall dress code in many workplaces. This often leads to questions about what “business casual” really means!

In terms of fall business casual, here are our picks.

Unconstructed sport jacket

Just like it’s slightly more formal, lined cousin, the unconstructed sport jacket is a very versatile fall option. You wouldn’t wear it in a formal setting, but it will easily get you from business casual to laid-back social occasions.

For example, take a look at this JKT Windowpane jacket, made with a soft construction. This particular jacket will go well with any blue shirts you have:


In a business casual situation, you could pair your sport jacket with your regular suit trousers, or you could opt for a pair of slacks that encompasses the casual vibe. Remember, business casual means you’re dressing down your business attire rather than dressing up casualwear!

Our pick of slacks outside of your dress trousers would be a comfortable pair of chinos. These are suitable for after-work occasions too. Our example is the Luxury Brax Chino, which will take you from work to leisure:

Pair your slacks with a sport coat, dress or chambray shirt, or even a good quality wool sweater to pull off a more relaxed, yet professional look.

#3. Weekend ensembles

Fall might see you touring a winery during the day then catching an evening concert before the colder weather sets in. Or perhaps you’re going from a day time activity to date night. One “secret” of fall weekend ensembles is making an outfit go from day to night.

Some basics for this include:

  • Good quality plain t-shirts
  • A tailored blazer in a mid or lightweight wool
  • Dark wash jeans
  • Chinos or tailored trousers
  • Simple cashmere or wool sweaters.
  • Denim and/or flannel shirts
  • Dress shoes and nice sneakers.

Here’s an example of a day to night outfit: During the daytime, wear your jeans with a plain white t-shirt and a denim or flannel shirt over the top. Wear sneakers on your feet. To change for night, switch the shirt for the tailored blazer and the sneakers for dress shoes. If you need an even more polished look for the night event, switch the jeans for chinos or tailored trousers.

C.P. Co. Sweater Jacket And Companion Pieces Ensemble

#4. Formal attire for special occasions or events

Fall may bring weddings, business, or holiday events that you need to be looking your best for. Of course, the go-to for anything formal can be your tailored suit, however, there is a different look if, for example, the event is black tie. You then need to look at a tuxedo and accessories to go with it. 

The regularity with which you attend such events should determine what you purchase for your wardrobe. If you’re only going to very formal occasions once each year, your wardrobe budget may be better spent on getting very good quality suits that you wear more often.

Fall also brings cooler weather and a need to dress for the elements. You may need additional pieces such as outerwear, gloves, hats and scarves.

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Final thoughts

There’s also a good chance that you have clothing in your wardrobe already that will work for fall wear. Why not consider a wardrobe consultation with an expert? This will help you to understand how to integrate the pieces of your existing wardrobe and add any that you may need for fall.

Talk to us here at Family Britches. We can provide a professional wardrobe consultation either in-person at one of our stores, or online via a video link.

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