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Men’s Business Casual Dress Code

As we contemplate our return to our business environment, we should be prepared with the “right” Business Casual wardrobe. Wearing the appropriate combinations has the benefit to make you feel confident, comfortable and well put together.

Defining “Business Casual” attire depends on your company’s dress code, your position and your career goals.

First, try to reference the official dress code policy.

Second, it is best to dress more formally initially until you can gauge what other employees wear of a typical workday. Ensuring your wardrobe meets your employers dress guidelines and your professional status, will allow you to make a great impression.
What an appropriate and coordinated wardrobe says, is that you are ready to make a good first and lasting impression.
What an inappropriate and mismatched outfits says, is that your work will reflect the way you look.
Suggestions for the well-dressed man from formal to more casual attire.

  1. A suit with or without a neck tie.
  2. A sport coat ensemble:
    a. Full construction, canvas front.
    b. Soft construction, unlined.
  3. Wool dress trousers paired with button down shirts.
    a. Plain front trouser
    b. Updated fit.
    c. Solid or patterned shirt.
    d. Vest.
  4. Cotton, cotton blend or techno stretch trousers with a patterned shirt.
    Of course, professional looking shoes, a matching belt and coordinated, colorful socks.
    Lots of options from traditional to updated traditional to more fashion forward depending on your taste and comfort level.

Please see the examples below for concrete ideas and suggestions.

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