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How to Decide if Last Year’s Summer Clothes Are Keepers

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Some summer clothes like striped T-shirts, light dresses, and breathable tops remain in style season after season. With such attire, you don’t need to overhaul your wardrobe every year, as long as they are in great condition. Then again, as seasons change, so do our bodies, fashion trends, and the condition of our clothing. Thus, before you consider keeping last year’s summer clothes, use the following ideas from Family Britches to determine whether the clothes can serve you in the next season.

1. Check the Clothes’ Condition

Everyone dislikes clothes with visible signs of wear, such as tears, discoloration, and loss of shape. The worn-out attire appears unkempt, a fashion mishap that can make you feel uneasy in social or work settings.

Thus, before keeping last year’s summer clothes, inspect them for any signs of damage, like holes and rips. You can also check the clothes for persistent stains and discoloration that do not come out with washing. 

Do not forget to test if the clothes zippers, buttons, and other closures function correctly.

2. Confirm if the Clothes Fit

Over time, your summer clothes tend to lose their fit. Perhaps your body and size have changed, or the clothes’ fabric has stretched out or shrunk. You’d not want to keep such ill-fitting clothes for the next season.

Shrunk summer clothes restrict movement and cause discomfort. Likewise, overly loose garments compromise your looks as they may look sloppy. Before reusing last summer’s clothes, try them on to see if they still fit. 

3. Check if Last Year’s Summer Clothes Are Still in Fashion

While many summer clothes have a timeless appeal, some go out of fashion. Wearing such garments can give others the impression that you’re not keeping up with current trends. Also, outdated summer clothes might make you feel awkward in social settings.

As such, before retaining your last year’s summer fashion, ensure the attire is still in fashion. Check the latest fashion trends through magazines, social media, or websites. You can also pay attention to what celebrities and fashion designers are wearing.

4. Reflect on Whether You Still Like the Clothes

Everyone has something they like, whether it’s a favorite shirt, a cherished dress, or a beloved pair of shoes. When assessing last year’s summer clothes, ensure they are something you’d feel confident wearing. With summer clothes you love, you’ll feel confident and in style while enjoying various activities.

5. Evaluate if the Clothes Fit Your Summer Activities

During summer, you will likely indulge in many fun activities, including casual walks at the beach or hikes on the nearby trails. You’ll need the right summer clothes for whichever activity you intend to partake in, so you do not compromise the fun. 

Therefore, when calculating if last summer’s clothes are fit for the coming season, make sure they are ideal for the summer activities on your wishlist. For instance, if you are hiking, preserve those light, moisture-wicking clothes for the next summer.

6. Determine if You Can Mix and Match the Clothes

You’d want to mix and match summer clothes to reflect your unique style. Therefore, you should check whether you can mix and match your clothes from last summer with other pieces like straw hats or sunglasses.

Keep those summer clothes with neutral colors like white, black, navy, and gray. Many neutral colors blend well with other colors and patterns. As such, these neutral colors will give you an easy time achieving a cohesive style.

7. Decide if the Clothes Have a Sentimental Value

At times, you can develop an emotional attachment to a particular summer attire. For instance, a shirt gifted by a loved one may serve as a thoughtful reminder of affection, or a favorite T-shirt can remind you of memorable moments.

If you have such attire in last year’s summer wardrobe, you have no option but to try it on next summer. Preserving such a summer attire will help you preserve the good memories attached to the summer clothes.

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