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First Wedding? The Suit Selection Fundamentals Every Man Should Know

First wedding attire for men

As wedding season begins, you may have gotten some of your first wedding invitations as an adult — it’s important to dress to impress, especially if this is your friend’s wedding. As a guest, you may have to adhere to the dress code, but you still get the freedom of wearing what you want to the wedding. Investing in an impeccably tailored, full canvas front suit that actually fit well will guarantee you look great. Here are the best ways to slay for your first wedding.

Trash the Tux

If you’re not a groomsman, you shouldn’t show up in a tuxedo unless the wedding is a black-tie affair. Okay, maybe if you’re the father of the bride you can wear a tux, but odds are, he’s probably a groomsman too, and he’s definitely not you. Tone down your look to avoid detracting from the wedding party by wearing a tailored suit. You’ll look even better in full canvas front clothing that is custom tailored to you.

Get it Tailored

A nice suit is one thing, but nice custom tailored clothing will bring your style to the next level. Men’s tailoring is a necessity — an ill-fitting suit will give you a frumpy appearance, no matter how expensive it was or the quality of the material. Keep in mind that your suit jacket collar shouldn’t hide the shirt — leave about two centimeters of shirt peeking out — and you should have to unbutton the suit when you sit down. That way, when you’re standing, you have the slimmest fit for you.

Take Time into Account

Is your wedding in the morning or in the evening? If it is earlier in the day, go for lighter colors with soft leather shoes. That way you stay cool and fly under the radar — you don’t want to stand out more than the newlyweds on their big day. If you want to add a pop of color, do so with your accessories, including dress shirt, tie a pocket square.

Seasonal Surprises

Keep in mind that wedding season begins in late spring and most weddings occur in June through July. This means you might want to look into getting lighter high quality suit — in regard to both weight and color. You don’t want to turn into a sweaty mess halfway through the ceremony and light colors will keep you cooler than wearing a black suit to every wedding. Wear something that fits well and doesn’t smother you so you have a reliable tailored suit perfect for multiple summer weddings.

Find a reliable tailor and sales associate who can lead you in the right direction. If needed ask about whether a made to measure suit is best for you. Don’t be fooled by a designer name or the price. The quality built into a suit with hand workmanship is what will make you look good for this wedding season and many events to come.

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