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Features of Modern Trousers to Look For

Features of Modern Trousers to Look For

Choosing just the right trousers is an important aspect of creating a trendy outfit. If you want to look like you belong in 2022, remove the looks that were popular several decades ago. Here are some of the most important dos and don’ts for modern trousers!

Modern Trouser Trends to Look For 

Although men’s trousers do not change as often or as dramatically as many women’s fashion trends, there are several elements that change over time and can identify trendy, modern trousers. Here are four of the most common trends to look for when shopping for modern trousers!

Wrinkle Free Fabrics

Complicated fashion that requires excess work is largely going out of style in favor of simplicity. Plus, many men do not own an iron or even know how to iron at all. Thus, an overall preference for trousers made from wool, cotton, cotton blends, and other types of fabric has emerged. Indeed, men want fabrics that are ready to wear as soon as they come out of the dryer. 

Quarter Top Pockets

The shapes and sizes of trouser pockets have shifted many times over the years. The quarter top pocket is one of the most modern business casual and social events options at this time. These pockets, which are especially popular among styles that Meyer, Brax, and Ballin offer, include a stylish slant that is flattering for most body types. 

High-Waisted Modern Trousers

Men should never wear low-rise pants. However, the range of waist heights that can work varies and generally depends on your body type. 

Slight Break 

Although trousers can look good in a variety of lengths, options with certain breaks tend to go in and out of style. The break, which involves the overall length and cut of the trousers, affects how much of your shoes can be seen. Further, it is a major factor in determining the overall look of a pair of trousers. In 2022, trousers with a slight break that allows the majority of the shoe to show are trendy options. We are available to provide advice, but we always recommend following your style preferences. 

Older Trouser Trends That Are Becoming Outdated

Likewise, there are several aspects of trousers that were once trendy but are quickly becoming outdated. Although there is nothing wrong with purchasing trousers with these elements if you genuinely like them and do not mind if your personal taste does not fit the latest trends, many modern men are moving away from wearing trousers that include these features. 

Pleated Trousers 

Although pleats were once a signal of strong fashion sense, the extra fabric they require has largely gone out of style. While men should generally avoid the “skinny” styles that flatter many women, particularly for more formal occasions, trousers that are a bit slimmer fitting tend to look more put together than trousers with large, baggy pleats. This excess material can also be seen as wasteful. This is a major disadvantage for pleated pants during a time when most shoppers prefer sustainable fashion. 

Bright Colors 

Bright colors are not very flattering on most people, and that is especially true for men. Colorful trousers look less professional, are difficult to match to shirts, and should generally be avoided in favor of classic dark colors. Although specific appropriate colors can vary from occasion to occasion, black, brown, dark gray, and navy trousers are generally safe options. 

Check Out Our Modern Trousers

At Family Britches, we are here to help you identify the most modern fashion trends. From choosing just the right pair of trousers to fitting jeans into a business casual look, choosing an outfit for a theme wedding, or determining how to wear a particular sweater, we can help you make fashion choices that are both comfortable and put together. Contact us today to learn more about how to choose the right trousers for your body type!

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