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The Fashion Deficient Man’s Definitive Guide To Men’s Casual Pants

The Fashion Deficient Man's Definitive Guide To Men's Casual Pants

A 2016 survey revealed that 47% of senior managers said their employees dressed “too casually” in the workplace. And, yes, they’re talking about you.

Of course, as young people already know, society is veering towards more casual fashion territory. After all, dressing up for the theater or for church isn’t nearly as common as it once was, with many people opting to be as comfortable as possible wherever they go.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with feeling comfortable in your clothing, of course; in fact, it can be a good thing.  But when you replace all tailoring and fit in favor of feeling cozy, you may not look as sharp as you could.

Fortunately, there are plenty of top men clothing brands that offer attractive, high-quality casual business wear that’s acceptable in almost any professional or personal situation. If you’re searching for some men’s business attire that isn’t quite as stuffy and traditional as your dad’s khakis, you may want to check out these options for casual men’s pants.



Denim jeans are one of the most ubiquitous types of casual pants around, but they’re also one of the more controversial choices for the workplace. However, that doesn’t stop many professional men from pairing them with a blazer for a business casual look for certain company events or outings.

Although dark wash jeans should be a must in almost everyone’s closet, think twice before wearing them to the office on most days (unless your company specifically allows them). There are dressier jeans that combine comfort, styling and coordinate with acceptable workplace attire. Consider these blended or wool fabrics in jean cut to achieve the above.

Chinos Or Khakis

A lot of people assume that khakis and chinos are synonymous, but they’re actually different kinds of pants. While khakis are made of 100% cotton, chinos are typically made of synthetic fibers (or a cotton-synthetic blend). Both are made in a variety of colors.  Either might be acceptable if they are pressed and worn with a button down shirt.


Corduroy pants aren’t quite as popular these days, but they can be an excellent choice in the fall and winter months. These soft, vertically ribbed pants are thicker than other types of casual pants; they’re basically velvet with little ridges and channels known as wales.

This wale factor determines the look of the pants (for example, a five-wale corduroy has five ridges per inch, which means they’d be more spread out than you’d find with a 12-wale corduroy pant).

These days, you can find corduroys that have been made in a chino or khaki style, which can make them look a bit dressier. These men’s casual pants look ideal with more casual button-down shirts, tweed blazers, and sweaters and can easily be worn with loafers, brogues, or oxfords.

Popular Fibers Used In Casual Mens Pants

As we mentioned above, synthetic fibers and synthetic blends are commonly used in producing these pants. Man-made fibers like polyester, rayon, and nylon are less expensive and don’t wrinkle, making this clothing easier to care for. But pants made of cotton are more breathable than those made of synthetic fibers, which can be an asset in warm climates.

The best choice for an upscale look is a wool trouser. They come in year around weight and heavier wools for colder climates. A wool trouser works best with a sweater or tweed jacket. The fabrics are complimentary.

Cotton blends are thought of as the best of both worlds, as they can be washed and dried without fuss but still contain natural materials. Although it’s a bit more rare, some casual men’s pants may be made from vegetable fibers (like bamboo or hemp) or animal fibers (like wool, silk, or leather).


Keep in mind that casual men’s pants may not be appropriate for your particular workplace or for a given circumstance. That said, they can be a fantastic option to have in your wardrobe. If you are unsure as to which of these types would work best for your budget, build, and business concerns, our men’s personal shoppers would be happy to assist you.

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