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Family Updates

A few recent events demonstrate our commitment to help guide our customers’ style choices regardless of the situation.

Tailoring Guru

An attorney and his wife happened to be visiting friends in Chappaqua on a recent Saturday. They strolled into our shop. They got to chatting with one of sales associates.   The husband mentioned that only one tailor had been able to fit his clothing but they lost touch. We suggested our tailor was renowned for his “tailoring abilities”.

When introduced to our fitter, the customer could not believe his luck. He had found Munzer, his missing tailoring guru.

He purchased two outfits and has found a new home for his clothing needs.

Retirement Video

A businessman decided to prepare a video for his boss who was retiring. His choice was to lead the employees in a song and dance tribute to their beloved leader.

Our staff laid out multiple outfits for the different scenes, from head to toe. The results were a smashing success.

Senior Class Fashion Show

Byram Hills High School wanted to do their senior class fashion show. Eight young men arrived at the store over a period of three days. We walked them through the options and each selected an outfit they wanted to wear on stage.

Family Britches was happy to continue our support of this annual event.

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