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How to Digitize Your Closet Before Summer Shopping

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In today’s world, we do everything digitally, especially shopping. Building the perfect summer outfits is a matter of searching for just the right colors, fabrics, and styles to make this year’s summer wardrobe complete. This task, of course, starts with your current wardrobe. While you could regularly grab items from your closet for color-matching and style considerations, why not just digitize your entire closet before starting your summer shopping? Digitizing your closet allows you to get creative with your wardrobe design without visiting your closet repeatedly. You can build outfits on your computer, compare pieces while you shop, and so much more.

Join us in exploring how to digitize your closet and then put your digital closet to use for great summer looks.

Benefits of Digitizing Your Closet

The benefits of digitizing your closet are defined by what you can do. When your closet is recorded in digital form, you can manage your look on your computer or phone and enhance your outfit-building plans on the fly.

  • See your entire closet at once – without covering your bed
  • Mix-and-match looks you hadn’t envisioned before
  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe to fill
  • Identify duplicates – and see your favorite styles in them
  • See new color and combination opportunities
  • Shop for new clothes, quickly comparing, matching, and combining with your existing wardrobe
  • Easily build packing lists for travel
  • Plan outfit swaps with friends online

Digital wardrobes are only just now entering the scene. If you discover a new and fun way to use your digitized wardrobe, share it with the community.

Keeping and Managing Your Digital Closet

There are several ways you can record and manage your digital wardrobe. You can use image editing software like Photoshop or Inkscape. There is also a growing number of apps that can help you build and maintain a digital wardrobe.

Digitizing Your Closet Step-by-Step

  • Make a Categorized List of Every Piece
    • Make a list of every piece of clothing and accessories you own. Go through your closets one by one, giving a name to each piece. You can do this in any software you want, from a Google Spreadsheet to a dedicated wardrobe phone app.
    • Organize the items into categories like Tops, Pants, Skirts, Shoes, and so on.
  • Add Hanger and Modeled Photos
    • Take photos of each piece on the hanger or laid out on your bed. Then add a photo of the piece when you’re wearing it.
  • Link to the Product Page, When Possible
    • If you still have the product page from buying each piece, link it to the item. This can help you shop for replacements or color-alternates if you love them or find other pieces by the same designer.
  • Organize by Color, Season, and Style
    • Add other organizational details like color, season, style, fabric, and so on. This will help you sort and reorganize your digital closet when building new outfits.
  • Upload Into a Program to Mix-and-Match
    • Upload your list to a program that will help you mix and match.
  • Keep on File for Shopping Comparisons
    • Keep your digital closet available when shopping for new clothes for easy comparisons and outfit-building
  • Update When New Items Arrive
    • Don’t forget to add and photograph new pieces when you add them to your wardrobe.

Summer Clothes Shopping With Your Digital Closet

One of the best things about a digital closet is how easy it becomes to shop for clothes. Need the perfect set of summer tops to match your favorite lightweight trousers or breezy maxi skirt? Keep an image of your digital wardrobe pieces on the screen as you browse for new garments. You can make sure the colors, textures, and styles look right together as you make more confident shopping decisions.

Is it time to replace your favorite summer overshirt? You can ensure the color and style of your new summer wrap perfectly match all your summer outfits and swimwear.

Need to stock up on camping gearsummer business trip attire, or beach vacation outfits where your wardrobe lacks? Your digital wardrobe can help you fill the exact gaps in your wardrobe for the perfect packing list.

Building Digital Outfits and New Looks

Once you have a complete digital closet, you can also build outfits you may have never envisioned before. We tend to dress in patterns, combining familiar outfits without realizing that certain colors and style combinations might create an all-new look from your existing clothes. Or that, with just one or two additions, you can complete a new look that comes together while re-arranging your digital wardrobe.

The Future of Your Digital Closet

Digitizing your wardrobe is the perfect activity to ring in the summer and assist your summer shopping. But it’s also useful all year round. Once you have a digital wardrobe, you can invent new looks for every season. Don’t forget to add all your sweaters and warm accessories when you unpack them in the fall, or to include a few old favorites if you rediscover them in the attic during spring cleaning.

If you’re ready to see your digital closet in action and complete a few new summer outfits, Family Britches is here to help. Explore our summer collection and reach out if you would like custom-tailored pieces. We will gladly adapt each piece to fit your measurements for truly perfect additions to your summer wardrobe.

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