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A Complete Guide to Functional and Stylish Athletic Wear

A Complete Guide to Functional and Stylish Athletic Wear

If you are a man who loves to run, lift weights at the gym, or exercise, dressing well can help your workout sessions feel better. Besides looking good, you want to dress comfortably. The goal is to ensure that whichever athletic wear you put on does not impede the day’s activities.

Athletic clothing puts you in an athletic mindset. It also helps you showcase your best features and feel confident. Even though many fashionable types of athletic wear for men are available, choosing the right combination can be challenging.

This post will guide you on the different types of athletic apparel you can put on and how you can pair them to achieve a distinct style. Let’s begin!

The Athletic Long-Sleeve T-shirt

The athletic long sleeve is one of the best outfits you can wear to the gym. It is the perfect clothing for any man adopting athleisure fashion. As a result, you can put it on during lunch work breaks if you like to take advantage of the free time to work out. 

If your arms are somewhat chubby, or they aren’t as massive as you want, the athletic long sleeve shirt will help you conceal them. The bright side is that you will still look attractive and athletic. 

When you buy one of these t-shirts, wear it on the day you are not working the upper body. You can put it on with sweatpants on the weekends if your work environment allows it. For instance, if you have a white athletic long sleeve, pair it with black sweatpants to achieve the best look.

Technical Jacket

Some days are frigid cold, but still, you don’t want to miss out on your workout. Apart from that, you could be attending a charity run. Regardless of the situation, you want to put on something to make you look sporty while protecting you from the cold.  

A technical jacket is undoubtedly the best fit for such a day. You can easily match it with other outfits as well. It looks great and complements sports shoes or rubbers while being light enough for rigorous workouts. Layering it with a T-shirt makes you look better. Apart from the gym, you can wear it during other outdoorsy activities. 

The Athletic Baseball Cap

If you like to do your hair, you probably don’t envision going with it to the gym. However, it shouldn’t get in the way of your fitness. The athletic baseball cap comes in handy in such scenarios. 

When you have bad hair, it shouldn’t prevent you from going to the gym. An athletic baseball cap will help you disguise it. In the case of long hair, the cap prevents it from falling into your face during your morning run. And if you like to look mysterious when lifting weights in the gym, putting on this cap will do it for you.

7-Inch Shorts

Shorts are some of the most convenient athletic outfits for men. They expose your legs and allow them to breathe. Better still, they provide a chance to show off your well-toned muscular legs. So why 7-inch shorts? You don’t want them to be too long because they will be awkward, and you may not feel comfortable in them. 

If you like squatting, these shorts will ensure you do not impede your movement. Additionally, you can become sweaty when running or during leg day at the gym. Shorts undoubtedly feel more natural and minimize your chances of getting soaked with sweat. 

Long Socks

Do you love shorts when going to the gym, but hate your legs? You can enhance your legs with long socks. They will make your legs look stronger and more athletic. Consequently, you will no longer feel insecure about wearing your best shorts to the gym. 

Tailored Joggers

Tailored joggers are awesome for men. They make you look good and feel cozy. What’s more, they come super tailored and give you a flawless look. On top of that, they are made for the gym and other sporty activities. Tailored joggers give an athletic and dominant look in the gym. You are bound to feel more confident as you do your usual workout. 

Find Functional and Stylish Athletic Wear

Achieving a decent athletic look for work events, charity functions, or workout sessions shouldn’t be difficult. With the tips we have outlined above, there are a lot of outfits that you could add to your athleisure collection.  If your goal is to look more presentable and stylish in a sporty outfit, contact us today for the best athletic wear.

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