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Client Meetings and Christmas Parties: 4 Tips for Elevated Style During Q4 Outings


The final quarter of the year is known for bringing the holiday season. With this season comes a lot of parties, events, or shows to attend. Picking an outfit for any of these isn’t usually that hard. You just pull out your best sweater, scarf, jeans, coat, fleece, and hat and you are ready to go, right? Well, this is not always the case. When attending client meetings or Christmas parties organized within a formal setting, remaining stylish goes beyond picking just any cloth that looks good. There aren’t particular rules on how to dress, but you will find tips on appropriately dressing for the occasion quite a game changer for you.

Read on to learn how to perfectly blend professional style into the holiday season without having to break the bank.

1.      Maintain Your Professional Dress Code But With a Bit of Dazzle

Whether you work as an employee or a self-employed individual, maintaining your dress code is the best tip to go by. Yes, it’s a time for festivities and you may feel the need to loosen things up. You should keep in mind that dress codes have been maintained for a reason.

If your workplace does not permit crop tops or flip flops, when you go to a Christmas party organized by it, you shouldn’t wear them. Instead, you maintain the appropriate dress code but wear clothing items that are elevated versions of regular work outfits.

Men, for instance, may choose to wear tuxedos further stylized with satin over the regular blazers. Women may wear cashmere-styled tops with jeans beautified by holiday-themed earrings. Staying within the appropriate formal dress code keeps you in place and eliminates your worries about being underdressed or overdressed.

2.      Layer With Cotton and Wool Materials

A common theme for winter dressing is overlapping clothes to keep you warm. Now, it’s one thing to overlap clothes, and it’s another to overlap using the right materials.

Why is combining cotton and wool advisable? Well, when you go to a formal Christmas party, there are bound to be a lot of people in the room and with this comes heat. Yes, even in winter. When you wear coats and jackets, you start to sweat and this brings a bit of discomfort.

Cotton is a great inexpensive and durable material that feels light on your skin and allows it to breathe. Wool, on the other hand, is a natural fiber that retains heat well and absorbs moisture without looking or feeling wet. When you combine these two with your choice of styling, you feel the most comfortable.

You use 100% cotton as the undergarment that directly makes contact with your body, then choose wool sweaters, trousers, coats, or jackets for your outerwear. This additionally ensures that when you sweat, your outerwear never has sweat marks and you can take it off when you need to cool off.

3.      Wear Darker Clothing

Except if you are going for a slow-paced gala event where everyone sits almost throughout and is particularly careful about eating etiquette, you stand the risk of food stains. This isn’t just from yourself but even stains caused by other attendants. 

Wearing darker clothes helps you conceal these stains without needing to change or take off your outfit. This styling tip is particularly applicable to pants or trousers, and for one extra good reason.

When you get some snow splashed on you, it turns to a muddy stain when dry. This is something you may not be able to avoid and wearing darker clothes save you all the stress and worry.

4.      Holiday-Themed Clothing Isn’t Always the Best

When you receive those amazing holiday-themed gifts from your loved ones, we understand how eager you are to show them off. It’s the holiday season, after all, you could put them on and no one bats an eye.

Nonetheless, when it comes to styling, it is always best that you choose your colors and designs well. You don’t want Santa Clause on your ties staring at your clients and probably distracting them during meetings. In the same light, you don’t want to wear those bright red and green socks under your grey jacket and pants. These don’t go together.

When choosing an outfit for your formal parties and meetings, the only holiday-themed clothing you should use are items that have subtle colors and designs. These blend with your professional dress code a lot better.

Some additional tips to elevate your styling include wearing jackets for your business casual parties and meetings and always having a cotton handkerchief with you to help yourself and others out of potentially embarrassing situations.

Family Britches Helps Stylize Your Wardrobe for the Festive Season

Having the right clothing brand by your side makes these styling ideas and tips even more practical, and Family Britches is just what you need. Rather than providing ready-to-wear apparel that you just pick from the shelf, we create customer-specific clothing so that our pieces fit perfectly and are appropriately styled for your occasion.

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