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8 Secrets of Stylish Women

Stylish women

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of stylish women?

Some people manage to look effortlessly chic, no matter the occasion or the weather. However there are two things to remember here; 1) most weren’t always seen as stylish, and 2) it really isn’t without effort!

In fact, the most stylish women you see out there tend to be planners. That is just one secret to pulling off an “effortless” look every time. Here we’re delving into some of the secrets of stylish women:

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#1. They have good daily habits

The most stylish women you see around tend have developed good habits or routines in their daily lives. Here are just a few examples:

  1. They keep their closets organized, with clothing hung nicely on good hangers. This keeps their clothing in good condition and helps them to be able to clearly see what they have for quick, appropriate outfit decisions.

  2. They plan outfits the night before. When you do this, you physically lay eyes on the clothing you have in mind and can see if it needs laundering, steaming or mending. Last minute scrambles are often the death of style.

  3. They keep an eye on the weather forecast! If you live in an area where four seasons in one day is common, then being prepared is essential. There’s nothing worse than ending up too hot, too cold or drenched!

  4. They give themselves plenty of time to get ready. This includes ensuring they have the right undergarments for the chosen outfit.
stylish women

#2. They focus on fit

If clothing fits a person well, they can look good in almost anything. The most stylish women find a master tailor to ensure that their clothing fits properly. This helps to give a polished appearance and is a big part of that “effortless” look. This means avoiding overly loose and sloppy looks, or equally, clothing that is too tight. Even basic items such as your jeans can look stylish when fitted properly.

Stylish women come in all shapes and sizes, the important thing is that they always wear clothing that fits well and that suits them. They often refer to a trained sales associate or tailor who can advise and provide feedback on items they are considering.

One of the secrets is that the most stylish among us often develop a relationship with their tailor or sales assistant. This way they have someone who knows their tastes and takes pride in providing genuine assistance, rather than simply earning a sales commission.

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#3. They don’t focus on trends

Some people look to the latest catwalk shows for fashion ideas, but those aren’t always a good example of style.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal,” said Yves Saint Laurent. This is a key distinction when you’re examining the secrets of the most stylish people out there. They don’t tend to focus on the latest trends, at least not exclusively, instead, they have a developed sense of style, usually leaning toward more timeless looks.

There is a distinct difference between fashion and style. While fashion trends tend to come and go quickly, style is something that is enduring. Coco Chanel’s pantsuits and Audrey Hepburn’s “little black dress” are classic examples.

You’ll see stylish women build up quality, key staples in their wardrobes, occasionally borrowing from current trends to supplement an outfit. For example, if a certain type of print is in, perhaps they accent an outfit with a scarf in that print. 

#4. They find a comfortable outfit formula

Stylish women tend to develop “signature” looks that work for them repeatedly and in any situation. For example, it might be that jeans and blazer that work incredibly well together, or that quality coat that lifts every outfit.

You’ll often find that stylish people don’t necessarily have huge closets of clothing – they ensure that their purchases make sense and that they have high-quality staples. It’s about knowing that they can mix and match everything in their wardrobe to coordinate an outfit for any occasion.

As part of a comfortable outfit formula, stylish women often opt to work from a select palette of colors. For example, neutrals can be used as a basis for any outfit. In fact, “keep it simple” is a mantra that many live by to establish a chic look.

#5. They keep accessories to a minimum

Accessories can really make a simple outfit pop, but the style secret is not to go overboard. Too many accessories can weigh down an outfit and result in it looking more tacky than stylish.

Adopting a “less is more” approach works. In fact, sometimes just one key accessory can be enough to make an outfit pop and give some more interest. One technique is known as “spotlighting,” where the outfit is kept simple yet stylish, while an accessory is used as a statement piece. For example, you might have a neutral outfit with a brightly colored hat or purse.

#6. They dress for themselves

The effortlessly stylish aren’t dressing to impress others – they’re dressing for themselves. They find the clothing that makes them feel good and boosts their confidence, bringing them joy when they wear those pieces.

At the same time, they’re comfortable re-wearing their pieces, often incorporated into different looks. While people are often conditioned these days to think that “new means better,” this is often not the case. Quality clothing can be reworn often, whereas newer items of “fast fashion” often look aged after one or two wears.

stylish women

#7. They take proper care of their clothes

Stylish women have quality staple pieces and they look after them well to ensure their longevity. This starts with a few basic “rules” of clothing care:

  • Separating clothing appropriately and laundering according to the label instructions
  • Finding a reliable dry cleaner for those delicate pieces
  • Hanging clothing on good quality, wooden hangers
  • Owning a steamer, iron or both (and using them!)
  • Treating any spots or stains promptly
  • Taking care of any mending needs quickly (loose buttons or threads).

Taking care of how clothes look at any given time is another secret. For example, carrying a small lint roller and repair kit with stain remover, thread, pins and buttons can help rescue any mishaps while out and about.

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#8. They shop strategically

Impulse buys are often stylish wardrobe killers. Closets easily end up packed with “bargains” bought in the moment, making it difficult to stay organized or coordinate outfits quickly.

Stylish women shop strategically as much as possible. They wait to get quality pieces that work with other items they already have. This is a great way to develop a reliable wardrobe and avoid contributing too much to the waste clothing issue plaguing America’s landfills.

Final thoughts

Anyone can be stylish with a bit of planning – in fact, that’s probably the biggest secret of all. Looking stylish isn’t really as “effortless” as it might appear, it has been planned for.

Finding what works for you and makes you feel comfortable – ensuring that clothes fit well – and shopping strategically to put together a quality mix and match wardrobe can ensure you’re always stylish too.

Find a good tailor and develop a lasting relationship with them. This way, you can work together to ensure that you’re always stylish for any occasion.

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