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7 Different Ways to Wear a Pullover Cotton Dress: From Casual to Evening Out

Woman wearing a pullover cotton dress standing by a clothes rack.

Is there any style more versatile than a flattering pullover cotton dress? They are light, comfortable, and elegant all in one. The best part about a pullover dress is that you can wear it in many different ways. Alone or with layers, the right pullover dress will quickly become a staple in your closet for formal, casual, warm, and cool occasions all year long.

Join us as we dive into the seven different ways to wear your favorite cotton pullover dress from Family Britches.

Free and Breezy

One thing you’ll immediately notice is that a cotton pullover dress is the perfect item to just throw on. Whether you have rolled out of bed, changed out of your work clothes, or want something comfy to lounge on your patio, a pullover dress is breezy and soft for casual enjoyment.

It doesn’t need anything to make you look fantastically casual. If you’re lounging around the house, you don’t even need shoes. However, you’ll still look great when spending time with family, and roommates, or answering the door for visiting friends.

Accentuated With Necklaces and Bracelets

Want to dress it up? A cotton pullover dress looks great when styled with jewelry and your favorite accessories. Layered necklaces look best to spice up the simple neckline and will give you a stylish bohemian look. Throw on a few bracelets or bangles and you’re ready for an afternoon on the town.

Cotton pullover dresses also pair perfectly with a playful hat and your choice of favorite shoes: boots, sandals, or even classy heels.

Warm and Stylish Layers

If you’re going somewhere with intense air conditioning, a pullover dress layers beautifully. Start with a flattering long-sleeve t-shirt or even a slim-cut dress shirt. Pull your dress over the top to give yourself sleeves and more shoulder coverage. Just be sure the necklines work well together. Then protect your legs with leggings or slender slacks and close-toed shoes.

Now you can wear your favorite pullover dress with its fun print and flattering shape while still staying warm in cold weather or a cold building.

Professional With Slacks and a Jacket

Want to go for a flirty yet professional look? You can wear a shorter cotton pullover dress like a tunic or a long blouse by pairing it with a few more business-casual pieces. 

Start with straight-cut slacks which will change the lines of your silhouette toward a more business-formal look. Wear a structured under-shirt or go bare-armed, and add a blazer for those formal air-conditioned meetings.

Belted for a Structured Look

You can even change the shape of your pullover cotton dress with the addition of a simple belt. A wide and stylish belt will pull in the waist while the skirt flairs from your hips providing a more structured look to your pullover dress. You can pair it with boots for a casual out-on-the-town look, or with more formal accessories and heels if you’re looking to make a splash at a more formal or evening occasion.

An Elegant Housecoat

What if you want to stay in? A pullover cotton dress can also become your go-to housecoat. Forget the belted robe, you can lounge around the house in your oh-so-comfortable cotton pullover without worrying about constantly adjusting a robe. Your pullover can go over pajama pants just as easily as dressy slacks for the perfect housecoat experience. You’ll still look great if your at-home time involves other people.

Not to mention, most pullover cotton dresses are comfortable enough to sleep in if you happen to doze off on the couch.

The Perfect Bathing Suit Cover

That casual pullover style is just as useful for a day in the sun. If you are on a constant search for the perfect swimsuit cover, try a cotton pullover dress. It’s easy to take on and off. It dries quickly as you lounge in a sunny deck chair, and you can still tan your legs and shoulders. Even better, with a cotton pullover dress as your bathing suit cover for beach or pool days, you can even go into a restaurant for lunch and look just as elegant as others who were not swimming just a few minutes before.

The perfect cotton pullover dress will become an essential part of your wardrobe, and not just in the summer. Layered with accessories or other clothing, you can achieve hundreds of different looks and still enjoy the breezy comfort of the dress on its own. You’ll probably want a few so you can enjoy different colors and styles of this deliciously comfortable and flattering dress design.

Find your favorite pullover cotton dresses made to fit at Family Britches.

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