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5 Spiffy Ways to Accessorize Your Suit

Man accessorizing his suit with a tie, cufflinks, watch, pocket square and ring

Investing in a tailored suit is a smart financial decision for your future. After all, 55% of a person’s opinion of you is determined by your physical appearance, and first impressions are formed in less than 17 seconds — so you’ll want to look your best in every situation.

But simply owning the finest men’s suits available doesn’t necessarily equate to having style. You may look put-together, but you won’t necessarily be dressed to impress. That’s where accessorizing comes in.

Simply owning the finest men’s suits available doesn't necessarily equate to having style. That's where accessorizing comes in. Click To Tweet

While some men might be drawn to the idea of playing it safe and simple, the reality is that some thoughtful accessorizing can allow your premium mens suits (and your personality) really shine. Here are five ways to spruce up your designer suits in an approachable yet fashionable way.

A high-quality watch

Trends may come and go, but a good timepiece is forever. A handsome watch with a leather band is considered to be a timeless (pun intended) staple for many men. Not only will it make sure you’re prompt for every meeting, but it will send a message that you want to be perceived as being both responsible and dashing. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on your watch, but remember that — like a tailored suit — you’ll get what you pay for.

A patterned tie

If you tend to go the neutral route with your mens business attire, you can jazz up your look a bit with a patterned tie. If you aren’t into making bold statements, try out a silk tie in a neat pattern. But if you really want to make an impression, why not consider a tie in a floral, paisley, stripe, or bolder geometric? As long as you don’t go overboard and balance out this accessory with more subtle elements, this can be a fantastic complement to any tailored suit.

A tie clip or cufflinks

Not ready to embrace a bold tie but wouldn’t mind having a small, flashy accent to your look? You might want to invest in a unique tie clip or a pair of cool cufflinks. There are plenty of tie bars and clips that can add a bit of novelty and color to any ensemble. Cufflinks are a great option too, as they can provide both luxury and flair. Neither one of these accessories is incredibly commonplace, which means that you’ll set yourself apart without feeling like you’re on display.

An eye-catching pocket square

If you like the idea of pattern mixing and looking quite dapper at the same time, you might want to incorporate a pocket square into your look. They look perfect with premium mens suits and can be worn as a complement to a tie or in lieu of one. Just make sure that if you do don a tie, that the patterns don’t match; they should coordinate together without being the same or clashing. You can, of course, use a pocket square without a tie. You can even get away with a solid color pocket square, provided that you learn to fold it in an interesting way.

A pair of suspenders

For men who are drawn to a vintage-inspired look, suspenders can be a phenomenal add-on to a tailored suit. You can actually use suspenders to dress up your suit or dress it down, depending on the colors and particular elements in the ensemble. For example, you can wear a pair of tweed pants or a flannel button-down with suspenders for a more casual look or play with black and white elements for something a bit more formal. No matter how you wear them, you’ll likely be seen as a stylish guy who isn’t afraid of being a little different.


Of course, these accessories will look their best when you have a high-quality tailored suit as the base. To find out more about coordinating your shirts, dress pants, sport coats, suits and accessories, please contact us today.

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