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3 Trademarks Of A Tremendous Tailor

A local men's tailor measuring a custom suit

For most men, personal style is something that’s cultivated through trends and trial-and-error over the years. But even the most fashionable of men need a helping hand to ensure their suits fit correctly.

That’s where the importance of local tailoring comes in.

A good tailor is both priceless and a necessity for any professional. But how do you know your tailor has the expertise to make you look your best? Look for these three traits.

Any terrific tailor should…

Be detail-oriented

Precision is a big part of men’s tailoring, so your tailor needs to be exact in their measurements to ensure a proper fit. For example, leaders in local tailoring will likely know that the average waist circumference for American men is 39.7 inches, but that height, build, and personal preferences should play a part in how a suit looks and feels.

Your tailor’s attention to detail needs to go beyond accurate measurements; they should be able to assess both your proportions and your habits to ensure that your suit fits your daily needs and showcases you in your best light. They should leave no stone unturned and should think of every minute aspect before you do.

Have ample experience (and great reviews)

If you’re wondering where to get a good tailored suit, it’s often best to start with someone who’s been in the business for quite some time. Many tailors learn the trade from generations who came before, which means that family businesses are also a great starting point.

Either way, these established businesses are more likely to have tailors with the knowledge and experience required to get it right on the first try. And while chain stores are fine for buying off-the-rack, local tailoring businesses that are independently owned may be real diamonds in the rough.

More likely than not, if your tailor has been around for a number of years, you’ll have friends or relatives who are familiar with them. References can be a great way to find a reputable tailor or receive confirmation you’ve chosen wisely.

Be personable and passionate

If you’re in search of a tailor you’ll be able to rely on for years to come, this quest will come down to more than just someone who can take accurate measurements and do a technically sound job.

Your tailor should be genuinely interested in what you do and how it relates to what you want and need from your professional wardrobe. They should ask you questions and make a real effort to understand your individual needs, rather than making assumptions and treating your suit like any other.

In addition, any good tailor should take pride in the work they do and show their passion for it. Not only can you see this in the quality of their work but also in how they value their reputation. For example, a great tailor will always try to please their customer but will also give you sound advice. Rather than being in it just to make a sale, they’ll steer you away from a poor design decision if they feel it would force them to compromise their principles in the process.

Finding an excellent men’s tailor can be a bit of a process, but these traits should help make your search a lot easier. Once you find that holy grail tailor, you’ll be set for many years — and suits — to come.

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