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3 Signs Your Suit Doesn’t Fit As Well As It Should

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Whether you’re interviewing for a new position or regularly wine and dine with important leaders in your industry, you’ll know that your wardrobe is an investment in your career. But even with premium men’s suits, your attempts to make a good first impression can go awry if you fail to procure custom tailored clothing.

It may be easier to pick up some discounted or special deal on a suit, but poor fit and low-quality materials will quickly backfire. If you’re wondering whether your men’s professional attire might be in need of some tailoring, look out for these warning signs.

Your trousers are too long or too short

This is a telltale sign that your suit needs major tailoring and it’s an all too common problem for many men. The average height for men in the U.S. is 5 ft., 7 in., but many off-the-rack trousers have much longer hems than that.

Pants that are too long will make you look sloppy and shorter in stature. But pants that are too short won’t look any better! If the hem of your trouser leg hits your shoe or the ground and wrinkles up, your pants are absolutely too long; if you expose too much ankle even when you’re standing up, they’re far too short.

While you can get your too-long trousers tailored, it’s often better to get custom tailored men’s suits from the beginning. Since your height isn’t going to change, you’ll have assurance that your pants will always be the correct length.

Your jacket’s shoulders are too tight or too loose

The shoulder pads in your jacket should line up with the end of your actual shoulders. That means that your suit jacket shoulders will ideally feel like they’re hugging your own shoulders. If you notice that the shoulders of your suit jacket extend past yours or are too tight on your body, you’ve got fit issues. This is a tough part of the suit to get right.

While it is possible to tailor this spot, some tailors will be hesitant to do so. Instead of buying a bargain suit with poor shoulder fit, you should see that your wardrobe is an investment and instead opt for a canvas front bespoke suit. Then you won’t have to worry about fixing a poor fit later on. This is especially important if your upper body has more bulk or if you have a slimmer build than average.

Your sleeves are too long or too short

Again, length is extremely important when it comes to menswear. Sleeves that are overly long or that come up short will make a poor impression. The sleeve of your jacket should be a quarter-inch to a half-inch shorter than your shirt sleeve. And if the sleeve of your jacket hits your knuckles, you need to get it tailored.

Sleeve cuffs that have functional, rather than decorative, buttons are a little trickier to alter, but it can be done. Still, you’d be better off with a custom option to avoid complicated alterations after the fact.


There’s no doubt that your wardrobe is an investment in your future, so you need to take it seriously. The fit of your garments can often have a direct impact on your success. By getting your suit altered correctly or buying custom tailored clothing, you’ll ensure that the impression you make will be an excellent one.

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