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To Tie or Not to tie



Workplace attire has changed dramatically.

For example, two attorneys came in to shop with us over last weekend. Both are partners in prestigious firms. Both had a different take on whether to TIE OR…..

One said he feels out of place when he wears a tie to meetings where many of his fellow attorneys have chosen to go without a tie. Everyone is in a suit but the participants don’t feel they need a tie around their necks to perform at the top of their game.

The other, said he wears a suit and tie everyday. He feels the tie completes his outfit and is a way to add some color and “pop” to his ensemble. He just doesn’t understand how a professional can dress for success with a tie to complete his attire.

Of course, there are the members of the “boy tie”club that never think their outfit is complete without the proper bow.


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Family Britches can assist you to look your best whether you chose any of the above.


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