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A man’s wardrobe requires shirts for many different occasions and varying degrees of formality.

A shirt is a versatile accessory that can add elegance and class to a suit, a sport coat, a formal ensemble or be dressed down to compliment a more casual outfit.

Getting the perfect fit

To look your best for any occasion, there are several factors to take into account when choosing the finest men’s dress shirts:

Shirt collars

When buttoned, the collar should never be too tight or too loose. A good guide would be if you can fit a finger or two between your collar and skin. Try to find the ideal collar style for your facial structure and neck height.


They should be positioned between the end of your shoulder curve and the start of your arm.


Length is a personal preference but the norm is for the sleeve to hang straight down without too much allowance at the cuff.


The cuffs should cover your wrist joint and rest at the start of the thumb.

Need a custom fit?  We’ve got you covered.

Dress shirts come in a variety of collar styles, sizes, models and fits. But what if the standard models and manufacturers do not suit your size or style requirements?

Family Britches has the answer for you.

We can CUSTOM make a shirt to your specifications in both style and size, including collar and cuff styles, pocketing, monogramming, and sizing preferences.  Our high end custom shirts can be won as dress shirts, or with model modifications, as perfectly tailored sport shirts.

Popular Brands

We offer a number of different brands and price points to help our customers find the best fit, price and model for every possible event.

Our vendors David Donahue and Gitman shirts, offer solids and patterns in either a medium spread or traditional point collar. Both vendors offer a fitted style and a regular model.

Canali, Eton, Xacus and Zegna offer a more fashion forward selection of fabrications and models. Each offer different collars and body sizes.  Our experts can suggest the one that will be right for you.


Family Britches

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