Hiltl- The ultimate casual and dress trousers

The founders principle was and is – “we never wanted to be the biggest, just the very best.”

The details used to achieve their goals are:

1. Guaranteed fit – Each delivery of cotton and wool fabrics are tested and their shrinkage identified. to safeguard the fit, only batches with the same skrinkage factor are used for the markers.

2. The quality, finish and choice of the fabrics from the finest mills in Europe.

3. Waistband – Special construction details keep the band from turning over, 10 fastening bar tacks and custom stretch.

4. Buttons – Genuine horns buttons with an exclusive finish attached to the fabric with a special machine and button shanking with long yarn stem. These stems do not come loose and prevent the fabric from being displaced when they are closed.

5. Button holes – Like a cusotom tailored garment, Hiltl’s buttonholes are eye buttonholes with cross bar tacks produced by a cusotm built machine keeping the button precisely where it belongs.

6. Zippers – Metal zippers that are nickel free and comply with eco standards.

7. Pockets – Perfection by using a decorative half moon shaped bar tack to reinforce attractively.

8. Topside linings are longer to provide a pant that maintains it’s shape around the knees.

9. Seams- Both the side seams and crotch seams are closely overlocked with fine feed fabrics.

Attention to detail, help Hiltl achieve their goal of being the “ultimate” trouser.

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