Teleria Zed


A local resident, Antonio DiCapua, has been a friend and manufacturer of Italian leathers, suedes and nylon outerwear. Family Britches has been proud to represent his merchandise for many years.

While in his home town in Italy, Antonio found a factory that made jeans in various color tones and unusual washings. The brand, Teleria Zed, was an exciting new addition to his collection of Italian goods and to our specialty stores.

Teleria Zed is the rediscovery of ancient craftsmanship in the production of trousers and jeans, combined with research and innovation in manufacturing.

The secret lies in the balance that results from a combination of careful selection of fabrics, accessories and washes, with exasperated care for fit, the study of continuous treatment and the obsession to details. Using a 100% MADE-IN-ITALY chain, the result you get is a finished garment with a distinct identity, its own soul that can tune in to the wearer.

Teleria Zed is true to it’s roots – The ancient fabric mill, the experienced tailor’s knobby hands, his passion for the perfectly fit in trousers and jeans that he painted on his affectionate and elegant customers.

Family Britches is a proud partner representing these goals and Teleria Zed merchandise.





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